Eyeblinker...Nosesniffer...Mouthgrinder...That's What I Learned

Friday, May 27, 2011
What is your great talent?  I believe that everyone has one.  I also believe not everyone gets the chance to find it. I used to wonder about that all the time.  I knew there was something I was really good at, if only I could discover what it was.

I've always considered myself a dabbler...jack of all trades type of person.  This applies both to my jobs and to my forms of recreation.  I can do a lot of things relatively well.  Some things better than others.  Other things, I do well but pretend I don't so someone else will do them.  I used to iron double creases into my boyfriends pants.  It wasn't long until he stopped asking me to do them.

 I'm a gourmet cook, but I don't bake.  I can sew very well and love to do various arts and crafts.   I've done padded photo albums, mop dolls, paper twist baskets, cross stitch, glass painting, even tile painting.   I absolutely cannot knit or crochet though.

I play a little guitar and a little less piano.  I can play one or two songs on a wind instrument like a recorder or clarinet.  Of course I sing, mostly jazz and blues but nearly everything except hip hop and rap.

I write love stories and erotica.  I don't write poetry though, I leave that to The Greek.  I do have a few original songs that I've penned.  I can dance the hula...really.  I would love to learn ballroom dancing.

I get bored easily and I am always looking for new things to do or learn.  I like to draw, whether it be in Photoshop or using pencil or pastels.  Until now I've done mostly flowers.  I posted a couple of examples in an earlier post.  Recently, I've had this urge to draw eyes.  I really suck at drawing people, so when the boys were here last month we walked over to the library.  I found a couple of books on drawing faces and have been working out of this one:

It is a very good instruction book and I'm thinking of purchasing my own copy for reference.  This is what I've been working on so far.  Disembodied facial parts, but most of them are at least recognizable. That's a big step for me.

We'll see if I can get them all on one face.  Until then, I'm having a lot of fun and drawing is turning into a sort of meditative period for me.  I get a lot of thinking done when I'm putting pencil to paper.  Me doing deep thinking... be scared, be very scared.

Matter of fact, as I was shading noses the other day, I suddenly had a great idea!  I have my eye on three ukuleles and this time I'm taking the boys on the journey with me!  Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

YOu can draw? I'm seriously jealous....I don't have many talents that come to mind...at least ones that I can share publicly! ;)

Thanks for dropping in today. Have a great weekend!

Crunchy Diva said...

i'm very much the same way jack of many trades. i sing, but don't play an instrument well. i paint, but don't draw. i do a lot of crafts, but i don't crochet & my knitting abilities are limited. funny how we all have our areas. i love your drawing & the shading really adds to it. keep up the drawing who knows where it might lead right?

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