Anyone Still Out There?

Thursday, May 19, 2011
If there is anyone still out there, I apologize for not posting.

I had it all planned.  A post saying that I was having surgery and then setting a couple more to post automatically while I was in the hospital.  What I didn't count on was Blogger going down the last night before all this was to happen.  Hey things happen, I'm sure Blogger feels bad about it and life goes on.

A few roadblocks have kept me away from my computer, so I'm playing catch-up.  I WILL be back!  Hopefully tomorrow.  Definitely this weekend and will pick up where I left off.

Until then, have a drink for me.  Those of you "in the mood", take care of it good for me too since I'm out of the game for another 7 weeks.  I'm grabbing my tummy binder, pain killers, heating pad and heading to the couch one more time.

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