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Sunday, May 22, 2011
Ok I'm back...I think...I hope.  Last weekend was awful.  The "overnight" hospital stay turned into two nights.  Operation went off fine.  There wasn't much pain from that after the first couple of hours.  I did have a bad reaction to the anesthetic.  Fourteen hours AFTER I got out of the recovery room they finally gave me some meds to make the room stop spinning.  In the following 24 hours I would have a chest x-ray, give 9 vials of blood, have an EKG and a contrast CT scan.  Diagnosis?  Pneumonia...maybe.  Oh I also popped my shoulder getting out of bed the first time.

I think the only reason they let me go after the 2nd day was because I was being a pain in the "you-know-what". My shoulder was killing me and so was my tailbone.  I could feel all the metal bars running across the bed under the mattress.  I spent the second night pacing and going out to bug the nurses.

I don't have to tell you that the food sucked.  Flour and water stew (supposedly chicken flavored, not) and unwashed lettuce salad.  I sent The Greek out for some real food.  He and the nurses didn't dare say no.  Surprisingly the chicken flavor showed up in the oatmeal the following morning.  At least it smelled like chicken, I wasn't about to try it.

They had me on the OB floor with the labor rooms.  I LOVE labor and delivery nurses.  They are so patient, even with people like me.  They know how to handle all us babies, big and small.  If there is such a thing as a bright spot about being in the hospital, they are it.

I was missing my blog and missed reading everyone else's.  I finally caught up and want to say "THANK YOU".  It was great entertainment and helped the last few days to go by even faster.

I was out of the loop and almost missed the rapture.  It's nice to see everyone loves me enough to have stayed with me.  A little narcissistic, I know.  My friend in Belgium told me that all entertainers have to be, at least a little, to do what they do.  Maybe he's right.

Seeing how it's the day after the supposed rapture and a Sunday, I'm posting a vid of my newest song.  Yes it is ME singing, or rather my alter ego.  We hope you enjoy.


Mandi said...

Hi there! Found you on the AZ Bloggy Moms site. Wow, hope you feel better, that sounds like a trip you've just been through. (OB nurses ARE the best!) Good luck selling the house and getting to sunny AZ, the weather is warming up! Following you now, looking forward to it.


Mandi said...

Oh, and Twitter for that matter!

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