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Sunday, May 29, 2011
I love my kids.  I also love messing with their minds.  My older son believes that I am 7 years younger than his older sister.  I even told his 3rd grade class at school one year and it was a topic of discussion for his classmates for a long time.  He's 11 now but still believes Momma is always right, even if 2 plus 2 doesn't add up to 4.

I was talking to The Ex this week.  Reminding him it was the end of the month and he needed to send my check. After we squared that away, he told me to ask the boys about their new exercise program and he explained it to me.

Friday night they call me on my cell phone and I remembered what I as supposed to ask them.  I was speaking to Rabbit.

So Rabbit, school is out in a couple weeks.  You ready for your new exercise program?

What new exercise program?

You know, the one where you start walking from California to Wisconsin.  It's good you're starting soon before it gets too hot out.

Nooooooo!  Noooooo!  We're not walking all the way there!

If you walk fast, you'll make it in time to have my cream chicken for dinner, go to bed and I'll take you to the airport the next morning to catch the plane back in time for the start of school.  Watch your brother though, he'll want to stop in every restaurant a long the way.  Let's eat tacos!  Let's eat burgers!  Let's eat donuts!  Then Rabbit, don't walk BEHIND him cause you know what will come next!

The bathroom!  *giggle*  Mom...can you tell dad for real that we need plane tickets to get there?

I still got it, at least for a little while longer.

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