Welcome New Followers

Tuesday, May 31, 2011
I heard blogger comments were down.  I never had any problems commenting personally.

I have noticed some new followers out there on GFC.  I thank you all for stopping by.  I would love to check out your blogs and follow back but can't figure out how to find you.  So if I'm not following you, please leave me a comment, if you can or email me at flipsideblog (at) gmail (dot) com.  Don't forget to leave me a link to your blog(s).

Also if anyone knows how to find someone in my GFC followers list, let me know.

Thanks all and have a wonderful day/evening/night!

Fuzzy Memory

Monday, May 30, 2011
Today is Memorial Day and I'd like to start by thanking all those who gave their lives so that we can enjoy the freedoms we have.  I also want to thank those who continue to risk their lives every day and to their families also.

I don't remember what I wrote about last night.  I guess the week or maybe the last two weeks caught up with me.  I can't even blame it on these.

Aren't the pretty though?

I remember sitting here thinking that I needed to hurry and get a post out for today.

I remember dozing off while writing it.  Not once, not twice, but 3 or 4 times.

I remember thinking, okay that's it and hitting "publish post".

I vaguely remember shutting off my computer and crawling in bed.

I'm afraid to look.  I don't think I used any dirty words.  I hope I didn't blurt out the name of a previous or fantasy lover.  I know I didn't post any of my naughty stories, only because I keep those on another computer and don't think I could have managed to transfer them in the state I was in.

Tonight, I'll just pat myself on the back for having a post at all and not skipping a day.

Tomorrow, I'll go read it.  Maybe

Alexa Blog Hop

I posted about Alexa in a previous post.  Today, I found a blog hop to help boost those Alexa numbers.

These are the "rules".  I hate to use that term.  Aren't rules made to be broken?  Well try not to this time.

1. In order to participate, you MUST have the Alexa Toolbar (having one also greatly helps lower your score.) You can download it in just seconds HERE.
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5. Feel free to tweet or share this however you’d like. The more people that know about the hop means more potential followers and a LOWER ALEXA SCORE for you!

So go HERE now and join us!

A Long Way...

Sunday, May 29, 2011
I love my kids.  I also love messing with their minds.  My older son believes that I am 7 years younger than his older sister.  I even told his 3rd grade class at school one year and it was a topic of discussion for his classmates for a long time.  He's 11 now but still believes Momma is always right, even if 2 plus 2 doesn't add up to 4.

I was talking to The Ex this week.  Reminding him it was the end of the month and he needed to send my check. After we squared that away, he told me to ask the boys about their new exercise program and he explained it to me.

Friday night they call me on my cell phone and I remembered what I as supposed to ask them.  I was speaking to Rabbit.

So Rabbit, school is out in a couple weeks.  You ready for your new exercise program?

What new exercise program?

You know, the one where you start walking from California to Wisconsin.  It's good you're starting soon before it gets too hot out.

Nooooooo!  Noooooo!  We're not walking all the way there!

If you walk fast, you'll make it in time to have my cream chicken for dinner, go to bed and I'll take you to the airport the next morning to catch the plane back in time for the start of school.  Watch your brother though, he'll want to stop in every restaurant a long the way.  Let's eat tacos!  Let's eat burgers!  Let's eat donuts!  Then Rabbit, don't walk BEHIND him cause you know what will come next!

The bathroom!  *giggle*  Mom...can you tell dad for real that we need plane tickets to get there?

I still got it, at least for a little while longer.

My Newest Toy

Saturday, May 28, 2011
I love gadgets.  Gadgets of all kinds!  Mp3 players, computers, video players even game systems.  I had a Nintendo DS long before my kids did.  I adore kitchen toys too.  Blenders, bread machines, waffle irons, crock pots,  mixers.  I had this gadget that would mix your hot milk and cocoa mix to make hot chocolate (like a spoon in a mug will do...but it was a gadget!)

My boys are prolific readers.  Rabbit especially will read anything he can get his hands on.  So I can keep track of some of what they are reading, I installed Kindle for PC on all our computers.  When they want a book I buy it and have it sent to all our computers.  They get to read it and I do too and I only have to purchase one copy.  Occasionally I hear about a book or I see a free book that I think they might like.  I can read it myself to make sure it's generally age appropriate before I send it on to them.  It works out great!  They just call me when they need a new book and it's usually on their computer within 5 minutes, if I'm on the ball.  Okay I hear that snickering but I was on the ball...once.

I already spend a lot of time at my computer, between blogging, surfing, emails and singing.  I wanted to be able to take my reading material and go lay on the bed or sit on the couch or when we move, by the pool.  ( I'm speaking that pool into existence).  I have my laptop but it's awkward to use in bed.  My vision is not as good as it should be, one of the downsides of getting older, so the glare of the sun makes it hard to read the screen outside.  I got a little birthday money from my mom and sis and finally decided to splurge on  a new gadget.

This is MY Kindle!

All decked out in a new skin!  It is awesome!  I could not believe how clear the writing was when I first got it.  I've been using it for a week now.  I've read 3 books already and it's getting more and more intuitive to use.  I like that I can make "collections", putting the boys books in one and my books in another.  I even have a separate collection for my "adult" books and for those I've already finished.

I like that no one knows what I'm reading.  I can sit at a coffee shop and be reading The Magic Treehouse or one of my erotic novels and no one is the wiser as long as I'm not moaning out loud.  It will access the web, with limited capabilities, but I can check email or do a Google search as long as I have a WiFi connection.

It's not back-lit but then neither is a book and I'll trade back-lit for being able to read in the sun.  Besides I read somewhere that back-lighting wasn't good for you just before bed and since I read for awhile before turning the lights off, it works for me.

I got the WiFi version with ads.  It was $25 cheaper and the only time the ads come up is for the screen saver and a tiny strip at the bottom of my booklist.  Never shows up when I'm reading.  It will send offers for things like a $20 Amazon gift card for $10 or half off a lighted Kindle cover (that's a $30 savings).

The skin was from Decalgirl.  You can buy some of her stuff through Amazon, with even more designs on their website.  She also sells skins for iPod, game systems, iPhone and laptops.  You can even like them on Facebook and get in on some deals!  I hear there is a sale coming out next week!

That's my gadget fix for the week!  What gadgets do you love or can't live without?  I might see something new I want need.

You're Never Too Old To Learn

It's been exactly two weeks since my surgery.  I'm feeling pretty good.  One incision gives me a twinge on occasion but otherwise, everything else seems fine.

Things I have learned the last two weeks.

1.  Hospitals are not good places to "get well".  You are already feeling icky and they poke you, prod you, drain enough blood from you to feed a family of vampires, wake you up every hour to see if you are ok, feed you food not even the dog would eat, inject you with chemicals that make you burn from the inside out (contrast dye), make you lie on that awful adjustable bed that you can never get into the right position to sleep.  You leave sore, bruised, starving and  sleep deprived.

Does that even look comfortable?

2.  It's fun to cook when The Greek chops all the ingredients and I only have to do the actual cooking.  He also did all the cleaning and since I couldn't bend over, he picked up everything I managed to drop on the floor, like half a pantry shelf and a half box of noodles.  (I did catch the empty box before it hit the floor, so don't say I'm not the helpful sort)  Also being starved makes me a more enthusiastic cook.

3.  I have stomach muscles after all.  After 3 kids and everything else, I figured they were non-existent.  Believe me I felt them every time I tried to sit up or get out of bed.

4.  Ice cream really does make one feel better.  I'm not a huge ice cream fan, I can take it or leave it.  A scoop each of Ben and Jerry's Coconut Layer Bar (Coconut Ice Cream with Coconut & Fudge Flakes, Walnuts and Swirls of Graham Cracker & Butterscotch) and Late Night Snack (Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with a Salty Caramel Swirl & Fudge Covered Potato Chip Clusters)  made me a happy camper.  In a waffle cone bowl, please!

5.  When you are given the "no sex" order it is not fun to have to watch a commercial letting you know that K-Y Yours and Mine gives her an amazing sensation in her.... and him a thrilling sensation in his...and when they come together...BAM.  Yeah, no bam for me.  Bum - mer.  I swear they ran this every single commercial break on Hulu this past week.  Please bring back my sexy Stella Artois commercial with Adrian Brody.  Sigh...ok... maybe that's not a good thing to be watching yet either.

Eyeblinker...Nosesniffer...Mouthgrinder...That's What I Learned

Friday, May 27, 2011
What is your great talent?  I believe that everyone has one.  I also believe not everyone gets the chance to find it. I used to wonder about that all the time.  I knew there was something I was really good at, if only I could discover what it was.

I've always considered myself a dabbler...jack of all trades type of person.  This applies both to my jobs and to my forms of recreation.  I can do a lot of things relatively well.  Some things better than others.  Other things, I do well but pretend I don't so someone else will do them.  I used to iron double creases into my boyfriends pants.  It wasn't long until he stopped asking me to do them.

 I'm a gourmet cook, but I don't bake.  I can sew very well and love to do various arts and crafts.   I've done padded photo albums, mop dolls, paper twist baskets, cross stitch, glass painting, even tile painting.   I absolutely cannot knit or crochet though.

I play a little guitar and a little less piano.  I can play one or two songs on a wind instrument like a recorder or clarinet.  Of course I sing, mostly jazz and blues but nearly everything except hip hop and rap.

I write love stories and erotica.  I don't write poetry though, I leave that to The Greek.  I do have a few original songs that I've penned.  I can dance the hula...really.  I would love to learn ballroom dancing.

I get bored easily and I am always looking for new things to do or learn.  I like to draw, whether it be in Photoshop or using pencil or pastels.  Until now I've done mostly flowers.  I posted a couple of examples in an earlier post.  Recently, I've had this urge to draw eyes.  I really suck at drawing people, so when the boys were here last month we walked over to the library.  I found a couple of books on drawing faces and have been working out of this one:

It is a very good instruction book and I'm thinking of purchasing my own copy for reference.  This is what I've been working on so far.  Disembodied facial parts, but most of them are at least recognizable. That's a big step for me.

We'll see if I can get them all on one face.  Until then, I'm having a lot of fun and drawing is turning into a sort of meditative period for me.  I get a lot of thinking done when I'm putting pencil to paper.  Me doing deep thinking... be scared, be very scared.

Matter of fact, as I was shading noses the other day, I suddenly had a great idea!  I have my eye on three ukuleles and this time I'm taking the boys on the journey with me!  Stay tuned.

Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop

It's the weekend and time for Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop.  Go to the hosts page for all the "official" rules.  You do need to visit the first 3 blogs and follow, then check out some of the others and follow some that you like.  Add your blog, FB, Twitter to the list too!

It's Not You, It's Me

Wednesday, May 25, 2011
I'm almost 2 weeks post-op.  I guess it's time to face the world again.  I've been hiding from everyone but my family.  Not sending emails, not conversing on Skype, not signing into the places on the net that I socialize.  Well that's not totally true, I pop in during the wee hours of the morning to see what's happening and hope no one else is around yet.

As I said before, I'm an introverted extrovert.  I don't want to be a bother to people so I am withdrawn and quiet until I can feel the love.  I adore being in places where everyone knows your name.  I would have so been a regular at Cheers.  (If you don't know what I'm talking about, Google it.  It was a TV show)  I try to be friendly, warm and witty.  I don't mind chatting with people for hours...most of the time.

I've (my alter ego) been singing publicly for 3 years this month.  It makes me happy that people like my music.  I've met so many new friends since I've been doing this.  I am still surprised when I meet someone who recognizes me and gushes about the last show they attended.  I wouldn't be honest if I didn't say that it makes me feel good to hear them say things like that.

I love being pampered and cared for.  I adore being the center of attention, but only when it is my kids and The Greek doing the pampering.

I hate being sick, for obvious reasons, but mostly because I don't like other people fussing over me.  When I'm sick, I tend to avoid people for a few weeks hoping that by that time we reconnect, they will have forgotten I was sick.  It's not so much the "I hope you're feeling better", if it ends there.  It's the hoverers (is that a word?) that I want to run from.  "How are you?  Are the stitches out?  You still taking pain meds?  Eating?  Drinking enough liquids?  Pooping ok?"  WTH?

Same thing goes for occasions, like birthdays.  My family and The Greek better not forget, but I don't want anyone else outside them and my 3 closest friends to know.  I don't want them doing anything, don't want to be the center of a celebration.  Do NOT throw me a surprise party.  This past birthday, I lucked out.  My kids came in for spring break and arrived ON my birthday.  I told them they were my special birthday present and they had been repeatedly coached by the Ex (he never remembered when we were married)  to say Happy Birthday to me when they arrived.  It also allowed me to skip our usual Saturday night haunts that night, so no surprises!

This is a fairly recent thing for me.  It's only been an issue the last 2 years or so.  Maybe it's a way to separate my public and private lives.  When and if I ever get my first CD done, you'd better believe that I'm celebrating.  Party will be on ME  and everyone is invited!  However, when I've been sick, let me be sick, let me get well and let me move on to business as usual.

If I can't see you, you can't see me!

One can't hide forever.  I have shows confirmed for Saturday night and Sunday afternoon/evening and people are already looking forward to them.  So it's time to pull my head out of the sand and get back out there.  I'll just hope they forget why I was gone and just be happy that I'm back.

Does anyone else ever feel like this?  Or do you like to bask in the short term attention?

Behind The Bedroom Door

Tonight, I'm inviting you into my bedroom.  I saw you perk up there!  I knew you would love to check out my bed and my chest....


My dresser, His stereo equipment.

Drawers!  What did you think I was going to say?  I'm not far enough in this blog to show you my chest or even my toy chest...yet.

The Greek has been a bachelor for so long that our bedroom furniture was a mishmash of styles.  His dresser was tall, heavy and light oak.  My dresser was probably built in the 50's or earlier.  It was dark wood and the drawers were about 5 inches shallow.  The "nightstands" were a couple of Parsons tables (remember those plastic things?)  stacked on top of each other.  Our box spring and mattress sat on the floor and he had his headboard from his old water bed behind it.

The headboard was lower than it should have been since it was sitting on the floor instead of on the bed frame.  It was throw back from the 70's with shelves and stained glass doors with brass handles.  I'm a tummy sleeper and in the last 2 months I have whacked myself right between the eyes with those handles at least 4 times.  I have a perpetual goose egg there,

This past weekend, The Greek took pity on my poor head and bought us a new bedroom set!  All the pieces match, we have a ton of storage and the bed is at a normal height now.  Best part is...no handles to crack my head on!

My side is the one with all the pillows

I'm working on getting the comforter changed.  One small step at a time or he'll dig in his heels.

He also splurged on a new dining set.  Our old one only sat 4 and when my kids or his grandson were here, we'd have to eat in shifts.  New table sits six.  Eight if we buy two more chairs and put the leaf in.  It has storage space underneath and a wine rack so his wine bottles don't have to sit on top of the kitchen cabinets or in front of the fireplace (bachelor remember?)

Thank you for joining me on this tour.  You may go back to your regular scheduled programming.  Maybe next time I'll give you a peek at the chest.  Maybe.

HOME - It's Where We Live

Tuesday, May 24, 2011
We currently have our house for sale.  I should say, The Greek has the house for sale because it's his.  We've had it listed since the week after Thanksgiving but haven't gotten a single offer on it yet.

I know the housing market is down.  There are a lot of foreclosed  houses out there.  We've had a few lookers, more now that the weather has been getting nicer and school is about over.

Yes, it's our HOME, until you buy it!

The internet is a great tool.  We've been checking out houses in the southern Phoenix metro area, where we want to move.  It also allows potential buyers to leave comments on houses they have looked at.  Some complaints are legitimate.  "Too close to a busy street"..there is a major street a block away.  Some are snobs.  "We don't like the condition of the houses across the street".  This house was built in 2000 but the neighborhood across the street was built in the 1950's.  The houses are older brick architecture but well kept up with clean yards.

The one that gets me, and we have had quite a few people make this comment, is..."The owners still had their furniture and belongings in the house."  Excuse me?   We LIVE here.  I'm not sure what they want.  We have packed up stuff we don't use and moved it to a storage unit.  Maybe they would like us to sleep in sleeping bags on the floor and stash them away every day?  Or watch TV standing up?  Oh wait, that means our TV would still  be in the house.  They want our pantry bare, no dishes in the cupboards or drawers, no furniture in the rooms (so they can picture their own furniture there) and no clothes in the closets.  I guess that's one way to lose weight.

Many of the complaints come from the clients of one particular real estate agent.  Yet, she keeps bringing them here.  I told The Greek she was lucky that it's not MY house we're selling because I would greet her and her clients at the door like this...

"Hello!  Come in and feel free to look around.  Please excuse our furniture and belongings as we are forced to live here until the house is sold as your agent, Ms. Smith, won't pay our mortgage so we can live elsewhere.  *Big Smile*"

Damn B*tch.   OK I don't swear, but I can think it!

What Day Is It?

Sunday, May 22, 2011
Ok I'm back...I think...I hope.  Last weekend was awful.  The "overnight" hospital stay turned into two nights.  Operation went off fine.  There wasn't much pain from that after the first couple of hours.  I did have a bad reaction to the anesthetic.  Fourteen hours AFTER I got out of the recovery room they finally gave me some meds to make the room stop spinning.  In the following 24 hours I would have a chest x-ray, give 9 vials of blood, have an EKG and a contrast CT scan.  Diagnosis?  Pneumonia...maybe.  Oh I also popped my shoulder getting out of bed the first time.

I think the only reason they let me go after the 2nd day was because I was being a pain in the "you-know-what". My shoulder was killing me and so was my tailbone.  I could feel all the metal bars running across the bed under the mattress.  I spent the second night pacing and going out to bug the nurses.

I don't have to tell you that the food sucked.  Flour and water stew (supposedly chicken flavored, not) and unwashed lettuce salad.  I sent The Greek out for some real food.  He and the nurses didn't dare say no.  Surprisingly the chicken flavor showed up in the oatmeal the following morning.  At least it smelled like chicken, I wasn't about to try it.

They had me on the OB floor with the labor rooms.  I LOVE labor and delivery nurses.  They are so patient, even with people like me.  They know how to handle all us babies, big and small.  If there is such a thing as a bright spot about being in the hospital, they are it.

I was missing my blog and missed reading everyone else's.  I finally caught up and want to say "THANK YOU".  It was great entertainment and helped the last few days to go by even faster.

I was out of the loop and almost missed the rapture.  It's nice to see everyone loves me enough to have stayed with me.  A little narcissistic, I know.  My friend in Belgium told me that all entertainers have to be, at least a little, to do what they do.  Maybe he's right.

Seeing how it's the day after the supposed rapture and a Sunday, I'm posting a vid of my newest song.  Yes it is ME singing, or rather my alter ego.  We hope you enjoy.

Anyone Still Out There?

Thursday, May 19, 2011
If there is anyone still out there, I apologize for not posting.

I had it all planned.  A post saying that I was having surgery and then setting a couple more to post automatically while I was in the hospital.  What I didn't count on was Blogger going down the last night before all this was to happen.  Hey things happen, I'm sure Blogger feels bad about it and life goes on.

A few roadblocks have kept me away from my computer, so I'm playing catch-up.  I WILL be back!  Hopefully tomorrow.  Definitely this weekend and will pick up where I left off.

Until then, have a drink for me.  Those of you "in the mood", take care of it good for me too since I'm out of the game for another 7 weeks.  I'm grabbing my tummy binder, pain killers, heating pad and heading to the couch one more time.

Are You Man Enough? To Keep Reading?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011
Sometimes it sucks to be a woman.  If any of you men are visiting, I welcome you.  If you are squeamish about "woman trouble", then come back another day okay?  If you still don't understand, I'll just come out and tell you that I'm talking about my...


I TOLD you it was that time of the month!

My cycles were never regular for most of my life.  Sometimes non existent for months then my "friend" (why do we call it that and how do I un-friend it?)  would last 6 months.  It wasn't until after my last son was born that I got regular.

By regular I mean that it showed up at roughly the same time each month.  It was anything but normal and it got much worse when I moved to Wisconsin a couple of years ago.  Finally I get some medical insurance and go for a physical to renew my regular meds and of course they do blood work.  I get the dreaded call 2 days later.  Your hematocrit (the volume of red blood cells) is low it's 22 and normal is about 42 and we need to find out why.  Why?  I can tell you why.  I go through a small storage unit of feminine hygiene products for 2 weeks every month!  I'm talking $40-$50 worth, every month.

Since then, we've done all the tests...normal.  We've tried everything...pills, IUD, even uterine ablation.  We thought the ablation worked and it was bliss for 10 months then it started again.  So on Friday, I go in for the final cut, so to speak.  A robot is going to perform a total hysterectomy.  In a way it's kind of neat, the doctor sits across the room at some big console and a robot literally does the work through 3 or 4 little incisions.  I hear you spend the whole procedure nearly standing on your head but hey, I'll be in lala land.  It will probably be the best sleep I've gotten in years.  

I didn't touch her!

I even get a bonus!  Since they are going in anyway, they are going to put in a nice little sling.  A hammock for my bladder.  This is supposed to make it so happy that next time I have a coughing or sneezing fit, I won't have to hose down my office chair afterwards.

Funny thing is, I talked to my mother the day after Mother's Day.  She's having the same procedure done on Monday.  The sling one.  So I look down between my legs, well I try to, and say, "Self, yeah you down there!  You are getting this more than 20 years early.  This had better make you happy and I'd better not hearing any more grumbling from you.  Unless it's something The Greek can fix!"

Like this!  This isn't me although I do this song in my shows as part of my "Naughty" set!

There is an upside to being female...we get to drive the men crazy!

Get Me Out Of Here!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011
We've had the house on the market since just after Thanksgiving.  We've had a few lookers but no offers.  We've been waiting a couple of days for an offer to come through.  The guy loved the house and went to the bank yesterday.  So we're waiting.

The Greek has lived in this town nearly all his life.  He knows it like that back of his hand but he's getting sick of the snow and cold.  I had promised myself that I'd never live where there was snow again.  See the stupid things that love makes us do?   I don't drive in the winter.  My car stays in the garage from about October till May.  Having snow or ice on the roads makes me tense and I end up with a headache.  Since The Greek seems happy to chauffeur me around, in true diva fashion, I let him.

Snow half way up our sliding glass door.  That's a 6 ft high fence behind that  snow!

I've lived in California, Hawaii, Colorado and now Wisconsin.  I've traveled quite a bit around the western half of the United States.  When I got to Kenosha, almost 2 years ago, I thought...Mayberry!  Or  "The Big Green".  It reminds me of stereotypical small town America, especially the neighborhood we live in.  It's quiet and most of the houses were built in the 1950's.  We live in a good area, close to conveniences.  There is an awesome Italian grocer, Tenuta's.  I love going there for sandwich meat, spices and good olive oil.

My Favorite Olive Oil

The downsides are many though.  Snow in the winter!  No good Asian restaurants.  No good Asian stores.  We haven't found an outstanding restaurant of any kind here yet.  There are a few good restaurants, but nothing that makes you dream about going back.   Barnes and Noble and Lane Bryant are too far away, as is Costco.  No Trader Joe's or Whole Foods.

The biggest reason that I'll be happy to get away is that there is something in the air here.  Not sure what it is, maybe from the power plant.  I have a perpetual sore throat.  I have to take massive doses of ibuprofen just to be able to sing.  I had chalked it up to being sick all last year, until we made a visit to Arizona last November.  Both The Greek and I felt so good down there.  His nose stopped dripping and my throat didn't hurt.  Within an hour of being back home, we started to feel sick again.

We are SO ready for this move.  For now, we've got all our fingers and toes crossed.  Legs too...oh wait...brb...

Much better.  Still, I can't wait to get out of here and move on.


Monday, May 9, 2011
I hope everyone out there had a great Mother's Day!  There were 2 good things about mine.  My daughter Skyped me and wished me a Happy Mother's Day and left a comment on yesterday's post that made me cry.  My sons called with their wishes, even though they were both complaining of tummy aches.

Other than that, it was just a regular day.  I had a sandwich for lunch and leftovers for dinner.  I did have one show yesterday that I sang songs that had either "mother" or "child" in them.  That was about it.

I grew up in a house of women.  It was my Dad, Mom and us four girls.  My parents got divorced when I was starting high school and from then on, it was just us women except for the twice yearly visits from my father.  We went all out for every holiday.  New Years, Valentine's Day, Girl's Day, Easter, May Day, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and of course, birthdays.  Decorations and presents, special meals whether home cooked or out in a restaurant.  All of us continue that tradition with our kids.  Holidays mean a lot to me, they mean family.

The Ex and The Greek both grew up in a household of all boys.  The Greek also raised his sons by himself for many years.  They don't celebrate anything.  The first Christmas I was here I didn't have the kids and we did absolutely nothing on Christmas.  There were no decorations, no presents, nothing.  When I was married, I did it all.  The Ex was just kind of there.  Only after my daughter got old enough did I get any presents for myself.  She would make sure my stocking was filled.  Even after being given hints or even an envelope with cash and a list, I'd get nada from The Ex.  Is this usual for a family of all boys?  Or am I just unlucky in this department.

I know The Greek is not my mother nor am I the mother of his kids.  Still a verbal "Happy Mother's Day" would have been nice.  I even offered to pay for us to go out to dinner and got "There must be something we can cook here."

I don't know why I expected anything less though.  Although the boys were here for Christmas and they had stockings filled and presents under the tree, there was nothing for me.  Valentine's passed without a kiss.  Same for my birthday a few weeks ago.  Not even a "Happy Birthday".

Even this would be better than nothing!

I guess I'm just having one big pity party for myself.  I think I'm entitled, every once in a while.

It's not really what the present is.  Although don't give me what I told you I DIDN'T want (That's another story).  It's the fact that they took the time to think about me and get...something that had some thought put into it.  Okay, I'll admit, a torque wrench isn't going to do it, but a card...flowers...subscription to one of my magazines...a flash drive...or even just watch a DVD with me.  Those are all things they know I can use.  Just the thought would have been nice.

Motherhood is...

Sunday, May 8, 2011
It's a beautiful day out.  Sun is shining and it's finally warming up here.  A bright and shining Mother's Day.

My mother is an awesome lady.  She was SAHM for many years then finally returned back to the banking industry, where she made Vice President before she retired.  And all that without a college degree.  She raised 4 girls, mostly by herself through the terrible teen years.  Believe me, we were more than a handful. She is caring and compassionate and has many friends to prove it.  She just had her 75th birthday a few months ago but still works at a major department store.  Mostly for her discount but I'm not sure I would want to be working when I'm 75.  She is by no means perfect.  If we are in close proximity to each other (like in a hotel room) for more than a couple of days, she can get on my nerves big time.  I'm sure I get on hers too.  However she is ALWAYS there when we need her.  No matter what is going on in my life, how down I am, she always believes in me.  Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Happy Mother's Day to all you other good mothers out there.  Nearly every mother is a "good" mother.  No one is a perfect mother.  Motherhood is not about being perfect.  It's about being THERE.

Motherhood is...

OUR mother's way of getting back at us.  "Wait until you grow up and have your own kids!"  I sometimes get flash backs when my kids do something that works my last nerve.  Deja vu is a humbling thing.  Makes us appreciate our mothers more.

About humility.  How many of you have ever pushed a cart in a store with your baby parked in it.  Then said baby lets out a fart so big and so loud than absolutely no one could believe it came from such a little person.  so they all look at YOU!  You stand there red-faced saying something like "Oh my how does such a little thing make so much noise".  Meanwhile your little thing is either giggling its head off or completely oblivious to all that is happening.  And if you think anyone else believes you...think again.

About empathy.  You are at an amusement park and see a little child kicking and screaming.  You think "poor baby, you're parents need to take you home for a nap.  They've obviously worn you out."   Then when YOUR kid has a full blown meltdown in the middle of Epcot on your first day, the first hour in the park (true story), the next time you see another child do the same thing you think..."poor mother".

An adrenaline rush.  DON'T....jump off of.....skateboard down the....run with....put that in.....  It doesn't matter what you fill in the blanks with because before you finish saying it, they've gone and done it, leaving your heart pounding in your throat.

About having your purse turned into a diaper bag, a pharmacy, a convenience store (wet wipes, candy, gum, snacks), garbage can (the wrappers from aforementioned wipes, candy, gum and snacks).  Even if YOU don't put them in there, where do you think your kids put them when they are done?

About reassessing your sense of fashion or home decor...

It's Beautiful! (what exactly is it?)

You can wear it to that important board meeting tomorrow!

Learning to laugh at yourself.  I've already admitted that my body type is fluffy.  I am fairly well endowed in the chest area.  I breastfed all my children until they were at least 2.5 years old (The youngest until he was 5). Nudity is not a big issue in our house.  When it's warm I like to wear what we call pareaus (Polynesian sarongs).  One day when Rabbit was about 2, he comes up to me and mumbles something about a car.  I said, "What?"
 "I want my car"
 "What car?  I don't have a car, look in the car bin."
 He stepped closer, reached his little hand under my right boob and pulls out...a matchbox car!  Granted it was one of the sleeker models but still, I never even realized it was there!

My kids aren't here today.  My daughter is in Canada and can't come back until immigration is done processing her paperwork.  It might be another year or two.  My sons are in California with their father.

So do me a favor.  Hug your children a little tighter today, for me.  I'm saving my hugs until my kids get back.

Happy Mother's Day!

I Wish I Could: Let 'Er Rip

Saturday, May 7, 2011
I've been visiting quite a few blogs the last couple of days.  Some I follow because they have good tips or good recipes.  Some I feel a connection on a "life is crazy but normal" type of way.  Others may have good recipes.  Some have the cutest stories.  The blogs I really love (and admire) are the ones who let it rip.  They tell it like it is.  They are brutally honest and sometimes crass and crude.  I can only aspire to one day write that way.

I am an introverted extrovert.  I seldom am the first to say hello to a stranger but once you get me talking.  I can talk your ear off.  This proved to be a good thing when I sold cars.  On weekends our finance office would be backed up, making for very long waits to sign paperwork to buy a car.   I could keep people talking for hours.  This was a trait all the other salesmen envied as none of my customers walked out even though they had to wait as long as 4 hours.

I weigh my words very carefully, watching for places I could be misinterpreted or offend someone.  It is hard for me to ask for help sometimes because I do not want to be a bother to people.  I'll gladly do it if it benefits someone else.  My alter ego often does benefit shows and I can squeeze donations out of people like you wouldn't believe because it's for a charity.

Even now, being fairly anonymous, I think about what I write..."just in case".  The only person that knows about this blog that I know personally is my daughter.  I haven't shared it with any of my family or my friends. Still, I think of their feelings.

An old friend used to refer to all this as my "Japanese Blood".  The tendency to not make waves and avoid conflict.  It's been ingrained in me from childhood.  At times, it can be a good thing but other times, it's like walking on eggshells.

I'm trying to shed the need to be proper all the time.  My alter ego accomplishes it a lot better than I do, to some extent.  This is all part of the old me. The "before the divorce" me.  To do what was expected and not what I wanted to do.

Ok, I do sometimes whisper dirty things in The Greek's ear but that's for him only.  I love the banter between men and women.  The teasing and sexual innuendos, but only if they "get it".  It's no fun if you have to keep explaining yourself.

I've gotten off topic now.  I want to blog with the big girls, so to speak.  People like Lady Estrogen at Adventures in Estrogen,  Sandra at Absolutely Narcissism or Lydia and Kate at Rants from Mommyland keep me reading for hours.  (There are so many more)  I'd love to be able to take off the gloves sometimes and just say what I feel.

I rarely even swear.  Sh*t is about the only regular word I use.  This was pointed out to me when Horse was not quite 2 years old.

We were in the kitchen and I made a glass of ice water and reached back to put it down on the island behind me.  I missed and dropped it on the floor.  As I spun around I heard Horse say, "Sh*t mommy.   Right?  Sh*t!"  I was so glad other people weren't around to hear that.  My sister and her husband would have laughed their butts off.  Him, outloud, while she snickered behind her hand.  The rest of the family would have been mortified.  My ex's family, who always hated me anyway, would have started making plans to remove the boys from my home.

As I get more comfortable posting, I'm hoping that I can loosen up some.  A good rant can be good for the soul.   I may just have found the first crack to slip through.

 Today The Greek announced that he wants to start a "ranting" blog.  So I said he can rant all he wants about me but it means I get to rant about him too.

The gauntlet is thrown down.  Let the fun begin.


Posts from this blog not showing in Twitter since the 25th of April.  I wonder why?

Five Question Friday 05/05/11

Friday, May 6, 2011
Today, I'm cheating.  I've got a late show at midnight our time and realized I didn't have much time to get a blog posted.  In my online travels today, I ran across this hop, so I will make this today's post.


1. Have you ever had roommates?

A few times in my life.  My first roommates were a group of gay men.  They taught me to dance and party!  Also how to kiss!  I taught some of them how to dress...like a woman...they would borrow my clothes too.   It was a fun year, then I moved back home.

My next roommate was my best friend and her daughter.  I had my daughter then too.  She was the only female I ever had for a best friend in my adult life.  We don't see each other much but still email now and then.

In a way, I guess The Greek (and his kids) are my current roommates since we're "living in sin".  Funny how that mentality has changed in the last 20 years...for the better!

2. How many names do you/your children have? (i.e. Prince Charming William Phillip Arthur Louis John Jacob Jingleheimer-Schmidt)

We each have 4.  A first...an English middle name (although Horse's is Hawaiian not English)...a Japanese middle name...and a last name.

3. Did you watch the Royal Wedding?

Nope, not one bit of it.  Closest I came was someone who blogged about the hats some of the women wore.  It did affect me though.  I had a late night show and we didn't have our usual turn-out.  Too many waiting for the big event.

4. What is the messiest room in your house?

My office.  Well, half office.  I don't have much space of my own here, so most of my time is spent at my desk.  Everything I use on a day to day basis is here.  My medicines and supplements, my makeup, my liquor.  Then of course there is normal desk stuff...pens, paper, CD's, USB hubs, external HD and 3 computers.  Throw in my singing equipment, mic and stand, mixer, headphones, mp3 players, and preamp.  Even under my desks are full.  Computer tower, sub woofer, printer, tool box, craft supplies and various snacks.  

I sent my daughter a picture recently.  I told her we could play I spy.  "Can you find 3 bottles of port and a bottle of tequila?" 

5. What is your ideal mothers day?

To have all my kids here with me.  My daughter and my sons.  Anything else wold be gravy.  

Of course since I'm not anyone's mother here, it will be like any other Sunday.

Those are my answers and I'm sticking with them.  I'd love to see yours!  Check out the link above and join us too!

Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop - Week 6

It's the weekend and it's a good time to drop in and discover a few new blogs to follow.  Join us for the Finding Friends Weekend Blog Hop!

Follow the hosts AND the co-host (they are the first 4 links).  After that you can visit them all or pick and choose a few.  Leave them a message letting them know what hop you are following them from.

Easy as pie!  A whole lot of fun too!

My First

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cyndy over at Yankee Texan Mom saw fit to bestow on me a Versatile Blogger award.  I'd like to thank the music...  Oh wait, that's a different dream.  It is still awesome, none the less.  If you haven't been over to visit her, then please do so.  She has a little something for everyone and I enjoy checking up on what she's been doing.

It's nice to know people really do come back and read what you've written.  Thank you Cyndy, for the award and for visiting.

So the rules of the Versatile Blogger Award are:

*Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.

*Tell us seven things about yourself.

*Award fifteen recently discovered new bloggers.

Seven things about me...

1.  I grew up with 3 sisters, no brothers.  My poor dad.
2.  I have a bowl of oatmeal every night an hour or two before bed.  Steel Cut only please.
3.  I love spam!
4.  My favorite song in the world is Pachelbel's Canon in D (and I can't even sing to it)
5.  My hair is so long it touches the chair seat when I sit.  When I was in high school it was about 6 inches from the floor
6.  I love KDramas (Korean soap operas, I watch on Hulu while eating my oatmeal)
7.  My alter ego is known for her "Naughty Song" (Not a single dirty word in the whole song )

I will probably have to expand on all that at sometime but that's all you get for now.

Now these are the blogs I want to pass this award to.  Please go visit them and follow if you find something you like!

Nona's Notes     

Thank you all for giving me some informative and pleasurable reading!  Now pass it forward!  

I Want To Be...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011
I'm currently not employed.  I have my singing that brings in a little bit every month but I've been unable to find a ...J-O-B.  I was a SAHM for nearly 10 years at the time of my divorce.  The economy was already on the downslide then and with so many qualified people unemployed, who wants to hire someone who has been out of the workforce that long.

What do you want to be when you grow up?  I've never been able to answer that question.  I've envied people who always knew what they wanted to do in life.  I'm the jack of all trades.  I've worked as a waitress, dept store sales clerk, showroom reservationist, fast food worker, medical assistant, day care teacher, administrative assistant, I've set up and taught the employees of a public school system how to run inventory software, car salesman and floor manager, house and window cleaner.  Those were all jobs, that doesn't even count what you do as a mother.  

"Breastfed and wiped butts for 7 years straight" is not something I can put on my resume.  Come to think of it, if I did and someone called me for a job because of that...would I really want an interview?

You want me to do WHAT?

I've been to school for a number of things too.  The first time at the University I was a music major.  I guess we all have dreams of being a rock star. A few years later, I attended a school for medical assistants.  I passed that course with flying colors and then went to work for a couple of pediatricians.  I didn't mind the work.  Hours were long and 6 days a week!  I hardly saw my daughter.  I love kids and would make friends with them, then I'd have to give them their shots and they hated me after that.  After 3 years, I decided to go back to school again.  This time for engineering.  At the end of my first semester, I met my future husband (The Ex) and a year later we got married and moved to Colorado where he had a job waiting for him.

Now, I'm thinking about school again.  After all, you're never to old to learn right?  So I was thinking medical transcriptionist.  I was trained to do it when I was learning to be a medical assistant.  I'd have to take a refresher course but I know there are jobs available.  Here's the thing though, it's BORING!  It was boring  25 years ago and I'm sure it's still boring today.  I guess I should tell you that I've been known to fall asleep waiting for a youtube video to buffer.  I don't drive further than 30 minutes because I will start to fall asleep at the wheel.  Will I be able to make any money if I fall asleep between every paragraph?  Not to mention all the ...kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk...that I need to delete from my fingers pressing the keys during my little cat nap.

Now I'm thinking web or multimedia design.  It let's me use my creative..juices...does that sound bad?  It will allow me to work from home so I'm here for the kids when they are here.  I can practice on my blogs and my own websites.  To borrow a phrase from one of my nephews...it sounds a heck-alot more fun.  I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up but it would be nice if I at least enjoyed my work.

Here is one of the things I do enjoy.  My alter ego singing "Seduces Me"

Lesson Learned: Making Your Site Traffic Count

Tuesday, May 3, 2011
I love learning new things.  I tell my kids the day you stop learning is the day you die.  Right now, I'm thinking about going back to school.  I would love to learn how to do graphic arts/webdesign/multimedia design.  I'm also using a book to teach myself to draw better.  When I find the time, I want to learn how to play the ukulele and relearn slack key guitar.  So much I want to do, if I could just find the time.

The biggest learning curve for me these past weeks have been this blogging thing.  I've been so lucky to find some great advice along the way.  Today I learned about the Alexa ranking.  I'd honestly never heard about it before.  It measures and compares the traffic to your site against all the others worldwide.  You have to have the toolbar installed for your visit to count.

If you've never heard about it or need more information, I've been following a wonderful blog called Will Work 4 Followers.  It is written by a well known blogger, Single Dad Laughing.  He just started this new one a couple of weeks ago and has been giving advice on how to grow your blog.  I don't know where I'd be now without his great tips.

If you are a reader of my blog, I thank you for dropping in time and time again.  Go take a look at that information and then install the toolbar.  We can all follow each other and help each other's Alexa rankings.

After you do that...Y'all come back now, you hear?

Totally Tuesday Blog Hop

Today's Blog Hop!  Come and join us!

Follow the hostesses and me too, of course, then find some others you like and follow them too.

Busy Mom's Tips Tuesday Blog Hop

You Meet Some Of The Nicest People Online

Monday, May 2, 2011
Today, with the kids gone, I have been catching up on blogs that I follow.  I love reading about what people are doing, things they've tried, and what they are thinking.  It made me realize how much things have changed in the last 20 years.

I remember when most of us had no internet or what we did have was extremely slow.  I'm not sure how we got anything accomplished back then.  Okay, to be honest, sometimes I don't get as much accomplished now that I get "stuck" online.  Seriously, how did we live without being able to run to our computers to find out if we can just cut the moldy patch off that expensive block of cheese or if we have to toss it.

Who would have thought back then that we would be able to meet people from all over the world, without ever leaving home?  Those that haven't done it don't understand that some of the friendships you make online are just as valid as those you make elsewhere.

My daughter got married last year to a wonderful young man who lives in Canada.  He's had an extended visit here in the States and I've gotten to know him pretty well.  They met online playing games nearly 7 years ago.  She loves him very much and he adores her and treats her very well.   I'm lucky to have him for a son-in-law.

It's not just the younger people who are doing things like this.  Outside of my family, the four people that mean the most to me in this world, I met online.  They are all men, go figure.  One lives in Belgium.  He makes me think, stretches my mind and encourages me to get out and learn and try new things. 

 Another lives in Texas.  He's my music mentor as well as being a great friend.  He is a college professor by day and a struggling musician by night.  His band, Telling Stories, released their second CD last year and they are working on their next one.

Electronic Press Kit

My dearest friend lives in Northern California.  He leads a busy life there and we don't get to connect as often as I would like but we keep in touch when we can.  He makes me laugh and we can spend hours just talking.  He never forgets my birthday and that alone means the world to me.  Almost nothing perks me up more than getting an email or an IM from him.  

Last but not least, there is The Greek.

The Greek and I have been living together for almost 2 years.  I moved from California to Wisconsin to be with him. We met online a few years ago.  He actually met my alter ego first when he heard her singing somewhere, then hired her for a weekly show.  We started talking and spending more and more time together.  The ex was moving the kids out of state and The Greek's boys were all moving out.  He asked me to come live with him.  After Colorado, I had a promised myself that I'd never live where it snowed again.  Here I am.  Sometimes love makes you do stupid things. 

I have quite a few other friends that I met online that I'm close to.  They are all over the world.  The US, Canada, Philippines, Australia, Brazil, Germany, New Zealand, Japan, Spain, Scotland, UK, Ireland, Africa...the list goes on and on.  Some help me for specific things like fixing my sound when I've messed up my mixer or another who I go to when I need more insight about myself.  Most are just good people and I am happy when we can spend some time together.

How about you?  Have any of you met anyone online that you can't imagine not being in your life today?