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Tuesday, May 24, 2011
We currently have our house for sale.  I should say, The Greek has the house for sale because it's his.  We've had it listed since the week after Thanksgiving but haven't gotten a single offer on it yet.

I know the housing market is down.  There are a lot of foreclosed  houses out there.  We've had a few lookers, more now that the weather has been getting nicer and school is about over.

Yes, it's our HOME, until you buy it!

The internet is a great tool.  We've been checking out houses in the southern Phoenix metro area, where we want to move.  It also allows potential buyers to leave comments on houses they have looked at.  Some complaints are legitimate.  "Too close to a busy street"..there is a major street a block away.  Some are snobs.  "We don't like the condition of the houses across the street".  This house was built in 2000 but the neighborhood across the street was built in the 1950's.  The houses are older brick architecture but well kept up with clean yards.

The one that gets me, and we have had quite a few people make this comment, is..."The owners still had their furniture and belongings in the house."  Excuse me?   We LIVE here.  I'm not sure what they want.  We have packed up stuff we don't use and moved it to a storage unit.  Maybe they would like us to sleep in sleeping bags on the floor and stash them away every day?  Or watch TV standing up?  Oh wait, that means our TV would still  be in the house.  They want our pantry bare, no dishes in the cupboards or drawers, no furniture in the rooms (so they can picture their own furniture there) and no clothes in the closets.  I guess that's one way to lose weight.

Many of the complaints come from the clients of one particular real estate agent.  Yet, she keeps bringing them here.  I told The Greek she was lucky that it's not MY house we're selling because I would greet her and her clients at the door like this...

"Hello!  Come in and feel free to look around.  Please excuse our furniture and belongings as we are forced to live here until the house is sold as your agent, Ms. Smith, won't pay our mortgage so we can live elsewhere.  *Big Smile*"

Damn B*tch.   OK I don't swear, but I can think it!

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