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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cyndy over at Yankee Texan Mom saw fit to bestow on me a Versatile Blogger award.  I'd like to thank the music...  Oh wait, that's a different dream.  It is still awesome, none the less.  If you haven't been over to visit her, then please do so.  She has a little something for everyone and I enjoy checking up on what she's been doing.

It's nice to know people really do come back and read what you've written.  Thank you Cyndy, for the award and for visiting.

So the rules of the Versatile Blogger Award are:

*Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.

*Tell us seven things about yourself.

*Award fifteen recently discovered new bloggers.

Seven things about me...

1.  I grew up with 3 sisters, no brothers.  My poor dad.
2.  I have a bowl of oatmeal every night an hour or two before bed.  Steel Cut only please.
3.  I love spam!
4.  My favorite song in the world is Pachelbel's Canon in D (and I can't even sing to it)
5.  My hair is so long it touches the chair seat when I sit.  When I was in high school it was about 6 inches from the floor
6.  I love KDramas (Korean soap operas, I watch on Hulu while eating my oatmeal)
7.  My alter ego is known for her "Naughty Song" (Not a single dirty word in the whole song )

I will probably have to expand on all that at sometime but that's all you get for now.

Now these are the blogs I want to pass this award to.  Please go visit them and follow if you find something you like!

Nona's Notes     

Thank you all for giving me some informative and pleasurable reading!  Now pass it forward!  


nataly said...

Thank you for the versatile award I really appreciate it.

Yummommylicious said...

Thank you for the versatile award!!! I am so happy to receive it. It is gladly appreciated. Thanks so much!

Molly said...

Thanks for the award for I am so glad you enjoy visiting and reading about all the hoop-la that happens in my life. :-)

Lara N. said...

Thank you for the award for! I'm so glad you've enjoyed reading my blog! :) Happy Mother's Day! said...

Thank you for the award! I really appreciate you taking the time to read my warped blog. My sense of humor isn't for everyone, but I am glad you like it.

Brandon @

Chasing Rainbow said...

Ah ha, I have found the post. I searched high and low on your other blog and didn't think (until now) to look here. Thanks so much for thinking of me and my Rainbow's blog. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

Chasing Rainbow said...

Holy cow on the hair...and the oatmeal is something I used to do as well. All 7 things about you are very neat.

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