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Saturday, May 28, 2011
I love gadgets.  Gadgets of all kinds!  Mp3 players, computers, video players even game systems.  I had a Nintendo DS long before my kids did.  I adore kitchen toys too.  Blenders, bread machines, waffle irons, crock pots,  mixers.  I had this gadget that would mix your hot milk and cocoa mix to make hot chocolate (like a spoon in a mug will do...but it was a gadget!)

My boys are prolific readers.  Rabbit especially will read anything he can get his hands on.  So I can keep track of some of what they are reading, I installed Kindle for PC on all our computers.  When they want a book I buy it and have it sent to all our computers.  They get to read it and I do too and I only have to purchase one copy.  Occasionally I hear about a book or I see a free book that I think they might like.  I can read it myself to make sure it's generally age appropriate before I send it on to them.  It works out great!  They just call me when they need a new book and it's usually on their computer within 5 minutes, if I'm on the ball.  Okay I hear that snickering but I was on the ball...once.

I already spend a lot of time at my computer, between blogging, surfing, emails and singing.  I wanted to be able to take my reading material and go lay on the bed or sit on the couch or when we move, by the pool.  ( I'm speaking that pool into existence).  I have my laptop but it's awkward to use in bed.  My vision is not as good as it should be, one of the downsides of getting older, so the glare of the sun makes it hard to read the screen outside.  I got a little birthday money from my mom and sis and finally decided to splurge on  a new gadget.

This is MY Kindle!

All decked out in a new skin!  It is awesome!  I could not believe how clear the writing was when I first got it.  I've been using it for a week now.  I've read 3 books already and it's getting more and more intuitive to use.  I like that I can make "collections", putting the boys books in one and my books in another.  I even have a separate collection for my "adult" books and for those I've already finished.

I like that no one knows what I'm reading.  I can sit at a coffee shop and be reading The Magic Treehouse or one of my erotic novels and no one is the wiser as long as I'm not moaning out loud.  It will access the web, with limited capabilities, but I can check email or do a Google search as long as I have a WiFi connection.

It's not back-lit but then neither is a book and I'll trade back-lit for being able to read in the sun.  Besides I read somewhere that back-lighting wasn't good for you just before bed and since I read for awhile before turning the lights off, it works for me.

I got the WiFi version with ads.  It was $25 cheaper and the only time the ads come up is for the screen saver and a tiny strip at the bottom of my booklist.  Never shows up when I'm reading.  It will send offers for things like a $20 Amazon gift card for $10 or half off a lighted Kindle cover (that's a $30 savings).

The skin was from Decalgirl.  You can buy some of her stuff through Amazon, with even more designs on their website.  She also sells skins for iPod, game systems, iPhone and laptops.  You can even like them on Facebook and get in on some deals!  I hear there is a sale coming out next week!

That's my gadget fix for the week!  What gadgets do you love or can't live without?  I might see something new I want need.

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