Behind The Bedroom Door

Wednesday, May 25, 2011
Tonight, I'm inviting you into my bedroom.  I saw you perk up there!  I knew you would love to check out my bed and my chest....


My dresser, His stereo equipment.

Drawers!  What did you think I was going to say?  I'm not far enough in this blog to show you my chest or even my toy chest...yet.

The Greek has been a bachelor for so long that our bedroom furniture was a mishmash of styles.  His dresser was tall, heavy and light oak.  My dresser was probably built in the 50's or earlier.  It was dark wood and the drawers were about 5 inches shallow.  The "nightstands" were a couple of Parsons tables (remember those plastic things?)  stacked on top of each other.  Our box spring and mattress sat on the floor and he had his headboard from his old water bed behind it.

The headboard was lower than it should have been since it was sitting on the floor instead of on the bed frame.  It was throw back from the 70's with shelves and stained glass doors with brass handles.  I'm a tummy sleeper and in the last 2 months I have whacked myself right between the eyes with those handles at least 4 times.  I have a perpetual goose egg there,

This past weekend, The Greek took pity on my poor head and bought us a new bedroom set!  All the pieces match, we have a ton of storage and the bed is at a normal height now.  Best part handles to crack my head on!

My side is the one with all the pillows

I'm working on getting the comforter changed.  One small step at a time or he'll dig in his heels.

He also splurged on a new dining set.  Our old one only sat 4 and when my kids or his grandson were here, we'd have to eat in shifts.  New table sits six.  Eight if we buy two more chairs and put the leaf in.  It has storage space underneath and a wine rack so his wine bottles don't have to sit on top of the kitchen cabinets or in front of the fireplace (bachelor remember?)

Thank you for joining me on this tour.  You may go back to your regular scheduled programming.  Maybe next time I'll give you a peek at the chest.  Maybe.

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