Monday, March 28, 2011
The flipside of what?  A coin...a record.  I'm already showing my age!  People think of it as the inferior or less popular side...the "B" side.  Well there were a lot of great hits from the "B" side!

For me the flipside is:
1) Being on the other side of 50
2) Being single again
3) Finding the REAL me vs the me I thought I was expected to be

So here is my first post and I hope you check in often and visit me here on the flipside.

I'm my MOTHER!  

One day you wake up and realize in a way you are your mother (or father).  Maybe not exactly like them but their age.  The age you remember them when you first thought of them as old.  My mom just had her 75th birthday and she doesn't look anywhere near that but when she was my age I thought she was OLD.  My daughter was the tender age of 3 when she whispered in my ear.  "Mommy, Grandma is old but when she takes off her makeup...she's ANCIENT!"   Now I'm not that old.  Okay, I'm sure my kids would probably roll their eyes and say, " Yeah right mom".  Sure, I don't move as fast as I used to.  I've got enough gray to notice without hunting for it but I don't wear old people's clothes, I sing current songs, and I know what BRB, LMAO, TTYL and YMMV mean!

For years, decades even, I thought of myself as 23.  Maybe because I had my daughter at that age.  I'll have to admit, as my daughter approaches 30, I can't even convince myself of the 23 any more but I don't feel a day over...35!  My sons probably help keep me young.  They are not even in their teens yet, both in elementary school.  It's easier to lie....errr...remind yourself...of how youthful you really are when the young ones call you momma and not grandma.  I love kids!  Especially my kids :)

I guess I shouldn't overload everyone for my first post.  I do want to say.  My mom is awesome, she's always been there for me and has accomplished so much in her life.  I can only hope to be like her...when I'm 75.

See you back ...on the flipside

P.S. Speaking of "B" sides...this jazz standard was a "B" side more than once!