Where's My Popcorn?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011
We went to see Pirates of the Caribbean yesterday.  It was a good movie, of course it had Johnny Depp so it couldn't be that bad.  I prefer the first one because Orlando Bloom was in it too.

Rabbit says, "It was Epic!"

Horse's review is, "It was scary.  All of it, especially the skeletons."  He did like it.

I fell asleep, as usual.  I fall asleep during every single movie.  I was actually patting myself on the back about 30 min before the end for NOT falling asleep then I passed out and missed the whole big final whoop-de-doo.  It's ok I really only go for the popcorn.

Why is it that nothings tastes as good as theater popcorn?  I've tried everything, even that fake orange pseudo butter thing.  Maybe I need to pay an arm and a leg for it to taste like that.

We go to matinees.  We go on Tuesdays.  We even get up to be there before 10 am on kids days.  Why?  Because tickets are cheap-er!  The kids shows are only $1-$2.  If we go to the first matinee showing on Tuesdays, then it is only $5 each.  I would cry to have to pay $8-$10 for me to take a nap!

Then there is the snack bar.  Don't think you can take my kids to the movies without snacks.  Their father doesn't give them anything and he is the subject of whispered conversations between the boys.  The Ex always wonders why they prefer me to take them.  One can easily blow twice the amount of admission on theater snacks.

To make these excursions more affordable, I've come up with "The Theater Bag".

Start with a LARGE bag.  The one on the left is my current regular purse.  The blue one is my special purpose bag.  It has no sections and no pockets.  It sucks as a regular purse because it becomes the black hole.  Everything goes in and nothing ever comes out.  It is perfect for a theater bag!  BTW, that's Rabbit holding it up.  He's hiding because heaven forbid someone should see him holding a purse!

Fill it with
1)  Candy bought from the grocery or dollar store.  Mine is the Raisinets.  I figure raisins are fruit right?  Dark chocolate is good for you, right?  So Dark Chocolate Raisinets are like super candy!  Taste good and good for you too!  (I ate about 8 and the boys ate the rest.  The boys who claim they HATE raisins.)

2)  Water bottles, sippy cups or juice boxes.  They don't spill and you decide what the kids drink.  These have Mio enhanced water in them.

3)  Something to put the kids popcorn in.  Ziploc or brown paper lunch sacks work.  These were at the dollar store and the kids begged me for them.  I buy the biggest tub of popcorn and fill their containers from it.  I can say, truthfully, that I didn't eat the whole tub by myself.

I paid less than $7.  Usually my tab runs about $25.  Sure the theater didn't make as much off of me this time, but this means we can go back in 2 weeks and see Cars 2 or Kung Fu Panda 2.  Between the cost of tickets and our $7 popcorn, they still come out ahead.

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