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Thursday, June 9, 2011
Yesterday was the boys' first full day here.  The weather was HOT!  We had a record high of 93 degrees (right now, it's only 53 degrees. It's COLD).

I dragged them out in the heat.  After all they need to get used to the heat, 93 degrees in Arizona in the summer is really nice weather!

First we stopped by the car wash.   I don't like the automated ones.  They never seem to get the car really clean.  I prefer the DIY high pressure wash places.  Plus, if I angle the spray just right, I can soak the kids and make it look like an accident.  Oops!  We also cleaned the inside, dumped trash and vacuumed and sprayed the inside with "New Car" scent.

We did a quick run to Walmart for leather cleaner, car wax and rubbing compound.  The boys bought toys, of course.  They cannot pass up a toy section as long as they have money burning a hole in their wallets.

Such hard work deserved a treat.  They wanted a COLD treat.  I wonder why?  We made a stop at Coldstone!  Rabbit chose mint ice cream with white chocolate chips and Horse had cheesecake ice cream with Heath bar.  Both got a chocolate dipped sprinkled waffle bowl.

As if that wasn't enough, The Greek's grandson came over and so he decided to run out to Big Star Diner for dinner.  I guess this place has been around for decades and is supposed to have really great burgers.

I thought the food was pretty mediocre but the kids and other adults enjoyed it, so they were all happy.

Until the storm hit!  Weather sirens going off!  Wind gusts at 100 mph.  Lightening and thunder!  It was truly spectacular.  How come kids pay attention to everything that they aren't supposed to.  Mine kept telling me.  "They said go to a place with no windows, can we go down to the basement now?"

They never say, "They said we should help around the house and keep our rooms clean!  So can we Mama?"
I guess I should be happy the storm died down before bed.


Non-Stop Mom said...

LOL my kids starting to freak out tonight about the weather here. We had a tornado warning for our county, but it was south of us so I wasn't even worried. But apparently the girls "packed a bag" to take into the bathroom if the sirens went off. I was hoping for some good storms, but it veered off and is now slamming Wichita pretty hard instead of us. *sigh*

I've been trying to keep the inside of my van cleaned's not working!

Kar said...

Thanks for visiting! Kids are funny! They tried to convince me to sleep with them, just in case. Believe me, my van has not been cleaned years. I'm almost ashamed to say that. It was long overdue!

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