The House Saga Continues

Monday, June 27, 2011
I've mentioned before that The Greek is trying to sell the house here so we can move to Arizona.  It's become more imperative to do so soon as it looks like the kids are with us to stay.  I'd like to be in our new house before the start of the school year.

His brother has been calling to check up on us.  A couple of weeks ago, he gave us a suggestion.  He said to bury a statue of St. Joseph in our garden.  He should be head down and facing away from the house.  I guess it's supposed to make your house sell faster.

We figured that it can't hurt.  So The Greek goes to the local catholic gift shop and tells them that he needs a statue of St. Joseph.  Right away they asked if he was selling his house.  I guess it's not a secret thing.  They even have a kit with the statue and prayer card that tells you exactly what to do.

The Greek buried him head down outside the back door this past week.  He also lowered his asking price.

We've had five different parties come through this week.  That's good!  Usually we're lucky to have one.  Three have expressed interest in the house, so now we're just waiting for an offer ... or two...or three.

So the funny thing is...  I previously wrote about an agent who would leave comments that the house looked cluttered and that *gasp* our furniture and stuff was still in the house.  The only changes we made since the last two times she was here was replacing our bedroom furniture (adding 2 more pieces to the room) and our dining table and chairs ( way bigger table and 2 more chairs).  Her comment this time was that she loved the house and that it showed very well.  Her clients are one of the ones thinking about making an offer.  Funny what the prospect of a commission will do.

We're on pins and needles because we want to move, like yesterday!  I'll keep you posted and hopefully have some good news soon!

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