Baby Roadkill

Monday, June 6, 2011
My sons, Rabbit and Horse, are 11 and 8. Kids around this age are confusing. I know what my boys like but other kids the same age can be into completely different things.

The Greek's grandson is only a year older than my oldest son. He likes hunting and BB guns. The video games he plays are the sports and racing ones. I've seen him play with nerf guns and matchbox cars.

My kids love animals. They won't touch them but love to learn about them. I think they'd be scarred for life if they ever shot one. They prefer the fantasy type video games. The things that still surprises most people is that that they love babies.

I''m not talking human babies, but stuffed animal babies. When The Ex and I had a family bed, there were more than 25 of them sleeping with us every night.

Whenever we go to somewhere memorable, like an aquarium or Disneyland, we almost always come home with a couple more to add to the collection.

These are their favorites.

Spud and Kutesy

I've been given instructions to not pack them in a box for the move.  Heaven forbid that they should travel that way.  They might suffocate or be squished.  They have to travel to our new MY purse!  At least they are small and cute.

Some babies are not so small...or cute. The Ex took the kids to a rummage sale at their church and bought a whole bag of babies for them. This from the man who complained about them being in our bed and told the kids 5 years ago, "No More Babies!"  (We all just laughed at him btw.)

Last Christmas, Horse brought a new baby with him. It's a beaver, I think. He calls it "Scarf" because he likes to wear it around his neck. I call it "Roadkill".

I must be an awesome photographer because believe me, Roadkill doesn't look that cute in person. Sitting on the bed, he looks like something you find lying on the side of the highway on a long road trip.

Just before heading back to his father, Horse tells me, "Mama, I'm leaving Scarf here with you!"

"Nooooooo, not Roadkill! Ewwwwww!"

"Yes Mama, he likes you and wants to stay here with you!" He hangs him around my neck.

So, I am in charge of Roadkill. He's become a part of the family now and he's kind of starting to grow on me.

BUT...I am NOT carrying him in my purse to Arizona!


Crunchy Diva said...

my son J Man is 10, and still loves his stuffed animals. I call them his buddies. the kind of video games he plays are the lego ones, lego harry potter, lego indiana jones, batman & a hot wheels racing game. i love that he still sleeps with a teddy, because that means i get to hold onto that kid side of him a little longer.

cajunlicious said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, happily following you back!!!
- Jessica @

Kar said...

HI there and thanks for visiting me here!

@Crunchy Diva - I agree about holding on to the little kids side of them for as long as we can! I love reading about J Man!


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