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Tuesday, June 14, 2011
I got waylaid by another massive headache last night.  It was the first really bad one in a week, so it's getting better.

I managed to barely get through a movie, "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen".  I love that movie and it was the first time the boys had seen it.  Horse just enjoyed it for the action flick it was.  Rabbit, who reads A LOT, caught most of the references to other literary characters like Tom Sawyer, Moriarty, and Capt. Nemo.  He doesn't read horror stories so I had to explain Dr. Jekyll, Jonathan Harker and Dorian Grey.

I was worried that those characters would scare them a little but they seemed fine with it.  Did I tell you that my boys are scared of everything?  Heights is a big one.  They didn't like a lot of playground equipment for a long time.  You don't know how many times I've had to rescue them from bridges and slides.  I've had to crawl into those structures at McDonald's and Chuck E. Cheese.  I'm not skinny and then to have to drag a 5 year old hanging on for dear life is not an easy or pleasant task.

They love learning about bugs, reptiles and other animals.  Don't let any of those get near them though.  Zoos and museums are great.  All of them are behind cages or moats or glass walls.  If a spider runs across the bedroom, then it's Mama to the rescue again!

They still have a night light because they don't like the dark.  Weather phenomena absolutely terrifies them.  Lightning, thunder, blizzards, tornadoes (in another state even), even heavy rain and flooding is all a cause for concern and numerous questions.

I have used this to my advantage.  I know if I tell my older son some scary tidbit, then I can prevent him from doing things.  "Don't ever use the microwave without my permission.  Things can explode or catch fire."  "Don't touch my really cool looking razor blade holder.  It can cut your finger off."  It works, it really does!  He doesn't touch it and he makes sure his brother doesn't either.  Does that make me evil? Bwaaahaahaaa!

Today, we're off to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie.  Even The Greek is going with us and he NEVER does.  I guess my whining asking worked.  I'll let you know how we liked it and show you my "theater purse."  Maybe I'll even pick up a pointer or two from Capt. Jack Sparrow.

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