Big Changes

Wednesday, June 8, 2011
Sorry for not posting yesterday.  Things have been really hectic here.  My boys were supposed to come in next week Friday, the day after school let out.

I got a call late Monday.  Actually it was after 12:39 am Tuesday.  It was The Ex asking if he could send the kids before then.  Yes, yes! Send them!  If he's asking, it's usually for a scary reason.

This was one of those times.  He suffers from depression and has ADD.   He may also be bipolar.   He's suicidal.  He tried almost 4 years ago on Rabbit's 8th birthday.  He's been having those kinds of thoughts again.

 I've told him many times, if things are bad, just send the boys to me.  So he did.  I thank him for doing that.  At least I know they are safe here with me.  This may be the last time that they make that trip.

He missed their flight yesterday, but was lucky enough to get them on another flight with the different airlines later in the day.  He did the same thing last year, twice.  He's not functioning very well and hasn't been since the first suicide attempt.

So if I skip a post or two, it is because things are busy here and I'm trying to find the groove we are comfortable being in.  I'm here, around, somewhere.


Anonymous said...

*hugs* I'm sorry to hear you ex is having so many problems, but I'm glad to hear that your boys are safe and back home with you! Good luck getting everything settled!

Kar said...

Thanks Lisa. Trying times for him indeed, I'm hoping they won't be that for the boys. It's good to have them here and they are happier too.


BrightenedBoy said...

Yikes, that is scary. It's probably better not only for him but for the children that they're with you; seeing something like that would probably be really frightening.

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