Guilty Pleasures: Bargain Shopping

Friday, June 24, 2011
Oops almost missed posting again today.

Today I'm going to start an ongoing series that I'm going to title "Guilty Pleasures".  I have so many of those that I've made a list and it keeps growing, so I will occasionally reveal one of them to you.

I LOVE to bargain shop!  It doesn't sound like bargains should be a guilty pleasure but the way my sister and I do it, it is!

When I was married, I had literally hundreds of plastic 18 gallon bins filled with things I had bought bargain hunting.

 The nieces and nephews used to love coming to our house.  It was like Toys R Us, except they could actually play with all the toys.  My boys had THREE toy rooms as well as toy boxes in the other rooms of the house.  I always had something for their friend's birthdays and for Christmas.  I gave away some of the best goodie bags for the birthday parties we threw.

 I hate spending a lot of money on clothes for the boys, except for special occasions.  Horse can still stain a brand new shirt within five minutes of putting it on.  So, when I'd find...say... pants, on sale for a ridiculous price, I buy every size in every color.  The oldest was 4 years old and I already had pants up to size 18 in my bins for them!  It was great seeing them for $15 each at the beginning of the school year and knowing I got almost the same ones last spring for $3 each.  Unfortunately, I'd sometimes forget about them and would only find things AFTER both kids had outgrown them.  Ok more than sometimes.  Yeah yeah, you got me... a lot!  Ok happy?

 I don't know what it is about me and office supplies.  I stock up and hoard them, like some people stock up on toilet paper.  Spiral notebooks for 10 cents a 10 pack!  Can't pass those up right?  Buy a couple, they will be good for next year.  Well if 2 packs is good, then 20 is better right?  Scotch tape, crayons, mechanical pencils, index cards...  I could supply a small school for at least a year.  BTW I write everything on index cards...colored ones!  I have 20+ floating around my desk at any given time.   Don't forget desk accessories!  Containers and organizational stuff.  I mean, just having the stuff makes you organized.  Not!  They do look really cute though.  I have two whole bins of matching...purple..."things" for my desk.  They are in my storage unit in California, but one day...!

I have four good kitchen knives I bought for $5 each on an Amazon Friday Sale. Two of them are still unopened 8 years later.  Once we found some microwave ovens at Target.  Regular price was $80 and they were marked down to $17.99 each.  Now I had a good GE Advantium and my sister also had a built-in microwave in her kitchen.  We still bought all 5 that were on the shelf!  But we saved $312!

 Recently, I found this on Amazon.

I was envying it when I noticed they had one that was in an open box.  It was $10 with free shipping!  THAT,  I couldn't pass up!  It now sits proudly in my cupboard waiting for me to make tea in it!

Wow, now I understand my mom!  About 20 years ago we cleaned out her closet and she had 2 dozen brand new ashtrays.  She doesn't smoke and neither do her friends.  When we asked her why she had them, her reply was, "They were only 5 cents each!"  We made fun of her then. Look at us now!  The Japanese call it "bachi".  Kind of what goes around, comes around.

This is my latest purchase...

Kind of retro.  I think my Mom's kitchen was this color!

I picture the kids and I packing a bento lunch in it and going down to the park by the lake for a picnic!  If you don't know what a bento is go visit Bloggybento!  She does some really cute stuff AND I won a giveaway there for a new Greentainer!  Yay!

OR  I could use it to put my makeup in instead of these..

The bowls were clearance 4 for 98 cents!

My makeup cup...Ignore the drugs, booze and Mio.

OR to hold my drawing supplies instead of this...

I think this originally held packages of chicken burgers.

Is bargain shopping one of your guilty pleasures?  Have you purchased things that are still sitting there, unused?

*OMG, I just had to run to the grocery store for milk.  Between sales and the coupons I downloaded from the Kellogg's site, I got 6 boxes of cereal (rice krispies, cocoa krispies, 2 - corn flakes, and 2- frosted flakes) for a buck each!

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