Introducing Our New Friend!

Saturday, June 18, 2011
I've been trying to think of things to do while the kids are here. Especially free or low cost things. They would be happy to play their video games all day but I'd occasionally like to pull them away from their screens.

It being summer, there are quite a few things going on. Unfortunately the majority of them happen in the weekend, and that's when most of my singing gigs are.

The library has a few great events now and then. It helps that it is less than a block away from our house. This past week we went and saw a magician. He was really good and all the kids oooo'd and ahhhh'd over him. My sons were the biggest kids there but I don't think they mind too much.

The library is having a photo contest. They have challenged kids to take pictures of Flat Stanley and send them in. At the end of the summer they will do a lunch and show the pictures and see if anyone can guess where they were taken.

Tonight, I printed off Flat Stanley and had the boys color him.

I cut him out and sealed him between clear contact paper and then trimmed that too.

Rabbit's on the left, Horse's on the right

Now Flat Stanley is ready to hit the road with us. My boys have all kinds of "stuff" they like to carry around with them.  Gift cards, flashlights, note pads and pencils, lifesavers, cough drops, kleenex and wallets which are connected to their messenger bags by a big heavy silver chain.

When we get ready to leave the house I tell them, "Dont' forget your purses!

Rabbit says, "Our satchel!"

Horse yells, "My Pouch!"

Flat Stanley will reside in those...boy purses. They can take pictures with either their phones or my old digital camera. I've challenged them to come up with something creative. So stay tuned for our Flat Stanley Adventures!

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