What A Big....Head...You Have

Saturday, June 11, 2011
I am no prude by any means.  I write naughty stories.  My alter ego is known for her "Naughty Song".  The Greek is on staff at a site that has some of the best erotic 3D art on the web.

I would, however, like to think that my boys will be innocent until after they graduate from college.  Fat chance, I know.

At what age do our minds end up in the toilet?  When do we start seeing the bad in what is pure and good?

Yesterday, Rabbit (11) came into my office, chuckling to himself.  He said "Horse (8) has a big head Mama!"

I was only half listening, until he said, "I'm not talking about the one on top of his neck."

That got my attention.  He couldn't mean what I was thinking.  How do I ask him yet not have to tell him what I'm thinking?

"You're talking about another head...?"

"Yeah Mama!  You know what I mean!"  He now has a glint in his eye.

Do I know what he means?  Maybe.  Yes.  NO!!!   I watch him, trying to decide what to say if he refers to THAT "head".

Horse walks in on us.  "Who's got a big head?"

Oh no!  Now the baby is going to learn about all this!  He's too young!

Rabbit confidently tells his brother, "We're talking about what a big head you have but not this one."  He rubs his brother's head.

Horse looks puzzled.  "What?"

"I'm talking about...your EGO!  Right Mama?"

Thank you!  My boys get to keep their innocence for a bit longer!  "Yes Rabbit, egos can be big things."

"Now let's go watch Disney!"


BrightenedBoy said...

Oh, my gosh, that stopped just short of being the creepiest thing ever! Ha ha, I bet you were really relieved that he was talking about ego!

I think I probably had my first real sexual thoughts when I was around eleven, actually, but I remained totally clueless about innuendo for years.

Non-Stop Mom said...

Ugh. I dread the day that my kids start bringing up stuff like that. My daughters are 11 and 9 - the 11 year old got the What Happens To A Girl's Body Around This Time lesson at school, and I had to clarify a few things for her, and that was bad enough.

I hate that my 2 youngest (boys) don't have fathers around to deal with the Boy Stuff. My 5 year old asked a couple of questions tonight about his ... junk ... and I about fell over trying to answer them, while I was cursing his non-existent father under my breath.

Darn it. I was going to write about that too. Which goes back to the comment that I just left on your other post.....

Kar said...

Thank you both for stopping by!

I know what you mean. I forgot that boys need "the talk" too. I'm sure The Ex is not up to giving it either. I guess I'll have to figure out what I need to say and soon.

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