Wednesday, June 22, 2011
Do you ever have restless days?  Days when you can't concentrate and nothing seems "right"?  Days you wonder where you are...who you are...why you are.

(Well that sucks.  Blogger isn't letting me post pictures today)

You put up a front.  Play with the kids.  Running on autopilot, things get done  but you don't really remember doing most of them.  No one really realizes there is anything different than usual.

Are you where you are supposed to be?  Is there something more?  A rock left unturned, a door yet to be opened.  Or maybe one that needs to be closed.   Afraid to move forward but equally afraid not to.

It's not depression.  It's more a...longing.  Not sure for what but something more...something else...something new...something better, maybe.

It's like it's right there.  Just out of sight and out of reach.  You fervently look around you, hoping you will find a glimpse of it somewhere amid the pile of things on your desk.   If you could just lay a finger on it, you would understand and all this would stop.

Yeah.  It's one of those days.

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