Happy Father's Day ...Mostly

Sunday, June 19, 2011
It’s Father’s Day.  Happy Father’s Day to all you Dad’s who are following me.  I hope you get beer and sex to spend a wonderful day with your children.  (The other stuff too, but isn't that what led to being a father to begin with?

There is not much reason to celebrate here.  The Greek is a single father to two boys, both grown.  They don’t celebrate holidays.  Not even Christmas!  *Collective gasp!*  Not because they don't believe.  I think it's just a bachelor thing.  I wanted to make him a special meal for Father's Day but he kept saying no. 

The boys’ father is in California.  He called them today, probably meaning that they shouldn’t call him tomorrow.  He’s probably going to spend the day with his girlfriend, who I heard doesn’t really like kids.  I’ve never met her, so I’ve got nothing to say either way.  She is probably a nice person who is just not comfortable around children.  So, no celebrating there.

My father and I aren’t really on speaking terms.  We are civil to each other when our paths cross but we don’t go out of our way to make that happen.

My father believes in right and wrong, but he thinks only his way of doing things is right.  He said I was stupid for being a SAHM and not having a career.  He also said I was stupid for not staying in my sham of a marriage because “he makes good money”. 

I found out that it was my father that told my then husband to close all of our joint bank accounts, leaving me and the kids without any money what so ever.  He said that this would make me come to my senses.  It actually sealed the deal on our divorce.  I mean, how could I ever trust either man again?

I’ve lived my whole life knowing I wasn't good enough.   Straight A’s weren’t enough.   The awards I got singing weren’t enough.   I’m not sure what he wants except for me to fit his cookie cutter mold.  He may love us but showing his love has always come with strings attached.   In the end, he’s abandoned two of his children.  Family first, yeah right.

Maybe there is a reason to celebrate.  I have my boys and I get to teach them that family comes first.  No matter what.   When they need you, there may be circumstances but there should never be strings.

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