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Sunday, April 17, 2011
I've said before that I''m not new to blogging.  I think I should clarify a bit.  I'm not new to owning a blog and to posting entries.  The whole blog networking thing is new to me though.  I always just wrote for myself.  I was actually afraid of strangers reading my other blogs.  What would they think of me?  I've been online longer now and socialize way more online too and so I'm no longer afraid of the same things.  Well not TOO afraid anyway.

I love meeting people from all over the world and reading their different blogs.  I also love feedback.  I am looking forward to generating more traffic for this blog and the other one that I share with my daughter.

That said, I now have my first few followers!  All from a place called Mommy Bloggers.  One of them is running a blog hop over there.  I love the sound of that it's so Easter bunny-ey.  So I'll be checking out the blogs on the list and hope you do too!

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