Thursday, April 21, 2011
It's my daughter's first year anniversary coming up and she wants to do something special for her husband.  He has been talking about wanting to try using the old fashioned soap with a brush to produce shaving lather in a mug and an old fashioned razor.

I remember my grandfather had a thick leather strap attached to the towel bar in their bathroom.  I'm sure he used it for more than sharpening his straight razor.  That was the first time I ever saw a razor of that type, the next time, it was the star in some horror movie.  Guess which one left a bigger impression?

Remember Her?
So I'm thinking about this straight razor, my son-in-law and that horror movie.  I also think about the other people she lives with.  I start imagining the worst.  I'm a worrier by nature and always drive myself nuts doing exactly that, thinking of the worst case scenario.  My stomach clenches as I calmly ask my daughter, "Are you sure his hands are steady enough to use that?"

Luckily she was one step ahead of me.  "What is a safety razor?"  I show her a picture of razor blades and she gets the idea fast.  I told you my daughter is a smart cookie.  I think she was a bit relieved to find an alternate solution from a straight razor.

She starts doing some research online.  These setups aren't cheap and there are so many choices.  She Skypes me that she is so confused and everything looks like a bra size.  I'm thinking wth?  I open my browser and start looking at things with her.  I soon see that she's right. She's looking at a Merkus 34C but wonders if a 38C with a longer handle would be better.  I jokingly suggest that she find a forum and see what they say.

To my surprise, she found one.  It's like this whole cult thing.  People talking the best razors, soaps, creams, aftershaves.  They get really serious sometimes.

I don't understand it all but it's probably because I rarely have to shave.  I have like 2 hairs on each leg and it takes me literally one second each side every couple of months to keep it under control.  My daughter hates me for it I know.  She was not blessed with my genes in that department and gets 5 o'clock shadow the next day.

By now she's really confused at all the choices.  Brand of razor, model number, length of handle, brand of blades, what kind of soap or cream, aftershave, preshave....

I tell her to ask on that forum.  There is one thing I've learned being online, people love sharing their knowledge with you.  I said send a post that says this...

I'm trying to buy a set up for my husband for our anniversary.  He's a first timer and I have a budget of XX to spend.  There are so many choices that I'm lost.

The razor models all look like bra sizes and everyone knows 80% of women wear the wrong size.  Help?

So Many Choices

...she LOL'd me on Skype.  I told her I wasn't kidding.  I think she decided on something on her own.  She knows her mom isn't sane and I don't pretend to be.  I would have sooo made that post.

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