Oh No! Your Mom Is On Facebook!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I've been waffling about getting a Facebook and Twitter account for these blogs.  My alter ego uses them but only to advertise.  She does almost no socializing on them.  I've been debating whether it was really necessary.

I've been following Single Dad Laughing and his other blog Will Work 4 Followers and his post today was about  "Why a Facebook Page for Your Blog is So Important".  So guess what I spent the day doing?

Like I said, I've used FB and Twitter for a couple of years now but this whole blogging networking thingie is new to me. I was looking for tools and gadgets that I had never thought to use before.  Every once in a while I had to walk away from all the information and take a break.  I have some great bottles of tawny port here and as of today, a really good bottle of tequila and I was tempted to have a drink.  I had to delete a bunch of things as I was trying to put it all together but I ...think...it's working now.  We shall see.  (I'll tell you about the port and tequila another time)

So if you want to join me at either Facebook or Twitter there is a link on my sidebar to take you there.  As always,  any thoughts, suggestions, pointers are greatly appreciated as I wade through all this.

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