Eaten by the _____ monster!

Thursday, April 28, 2011
The way kids lose things never ceases to amaze me.  Sometimes it happens in a matter of minutes.

"Rabbit, please put this grocery list on my desk."  He takes it and leaves.  Two minutes later I call him back, "Bring that list back I forgot to add a few things."

"What list?"

"The one I told you to put on my desk two minutes ago."

"You did?"

"Yes! Go get it.  I need to add a couple more items."

He goes and comes back.  "It's not there."

WTH?  Sometimes I'm lucky and find it later on the bathroom sink, or my nightstand.  Other times the list monster must have eaten it.

Tonight we decided dessert was going to be Peep S'mores.  If you have never had a Peep S'more you need to try one.  Put a square of chocolate and a Peep (you know the marshmallow things you can get on the holidays) on a graham cracker square and microwave for about 15 seconds.  Watch them, they blow up like a Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Balloon.  Take them out and top with another graham cracker.  Be careful for a few minutes they are hot, but eat them warm. If you don't they can get a little hard.

Anyway I told the boys to bring out the Peeps that were in their eggs from Easter.  After about 15 minutes, they come out and tell me they can't find them.  Fourteen of the 26 eggs are missing.  I tell them to clean up their room and maybe they will find them.  After another 15 min, still no luck.

The boys leave their shoes near the front door.  When they are here, I drag out the box with their game systems in it and put it in the living room to reattach to the TV.  Everything else they have goes in their room.  It's about 10x10.  So how does something just disappear out of there?

I go sit on the bed and help direct them.  They clean out under the beds.  Nothing.   We open the closet and go through every single bin in there (I thought we'd have sold the house by now and be in AZ so I had packed all their stuff up in 18 gallon bins.) Not a single egg.  We checked inside every backpack and suitcase.  Nada.  Cleaned off and straightened up all the beds.  Absolutely no luck,

I'm baffled.  Rabbit said maybe the Easter bunny came and took them back.  I was almost inclined to agree with him.  I get up to go pull out the Peeps that were unopened.  I stop and turn around to give further instructions.  Then I see it...a white plastic grocery bag on the floor at the end of the far bed.

"What's in that bag?'  Rabbit pulls it out and before he can even open it I can hear the sound of plastic hitting plastic.  I guess the Easter bunny didn't want them after all.

Upside to this was that the boys have a clean room again.  For all of...15 minutes...maybe.  Oh!  We did get our S'mores too!

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