I Suck at Networking!

Friday, April 22, 2011
This is a quickie post.  I've been busy networking.  It's really hard work trying to figure things out.  Today was spent hopping blogs and trying to figure out how to follow them on Facebook.  Not sure if I succeeded guess I'll have to watch and see.  Also tried to set up Tweetdesk.  It doesn't like me.  I signed up for an account and now it won't let me access any of their webpages but the support page.  I keep getting a 500 error.  I can access them on my other computer so I don't know what the problem is.

This is how it SHOULD work

So let's try this.  I'm joining a Facebook hop and will see what happens when people join me too.  Of course I already messed that up too.  Hit "enter" before I had a chance to put in the url for this blog.  Sigh.  I have my food blog there too, so maybe I'll get to see some traffic through that...maybe.

I'm not technology-challenged.  Or I never thought so before anyway.  Maybe just tired.

Here's the link to the Friday Facebook Hop.  See you on Facebook!


Yummommylicious said...

You can say that again! It's really hard to connect with others... I'm having a hard time as well. It takes a lot of my time doing blog hopping and connecting to others to promote my blogs. I know all the hard work will pay off soon. Good luck to us!

Lara N. said...

Hi, I'm following you on the Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop! I've followed you on FB, Twitter and GFC! C'mon over and check out Twice Blessed Life - Raising Twins Heartistically! (http://www.twiceblessedlife.com) We've got some great giveaways going on right now :)
I'm also checking out your Umami blog - looks yummy!

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