Boys Will Be Boys

Tuesday, April 26, 2011
My boys have been here for 3 days.  I get them on school vacations so haven't seen them since the day after New Years. I tend to forget just what having boys means sometimes.
Most of the time, my boys have two volume levels...loud and louder.  I asked once...well ok... yelled..."Why are you yelling across the house to your brother?"  They weren't.  I found them sitting within 3 feet of each other.  Other times, they can be so quiet you forget they are there.

Boys are sweaty, even when they aren't moving much. There is a regular symphony of bodily noises going on around them.  They know better than to do it in public, but when it's just us at home they shamelessly let em rip.  I think they do it just to get on each others nerves. 

Wouldn't you know I'm sensitive to loud noises and smells.
Whenever I ask them to help me decide on something, they both pick different things.  One wants chocolate, the other vanilla.  One wants to play a game, the other one wants us to watch a movie.  Once I thought they had finally agreed on something.  They both wanted chicken for dinner.  Then...I want Shoyu chicken...No, I want Cream chicken!  Sometimes I think they are testing me to see if I like one of them more than the other.

The Greek just takes it all in stride, I think.  Maybe it's because he's raised 2 boys of his own.  He doesn't even say much when he's had to unclog the toilet for the third time that day.  The other night he had just finished fixing it and was returning his snake and plunger to the garage when Horse came tearing around the corner and ran right into him and the wet plunger.  Fifteen minutes to bedtime and Horse was in the shower for the second time that night!

Today the house was silent for a little while and The Greek asked me if they had fallen asleep.  When I checked on them, they were on their computers.  The Greek simply said, "I like the quiet."   
On the flipside...that is what this blog is about after all. They can be so sweet. Bringing me homemade birthday cards from not only them but their cousin Pony too. (She was born in the year of the horse also, 7 weeks before Horse was). I wake up in the morning and usually they are already awake. They throw themselves at me and yell "Cling!" and give me the biggest hugs!

Tonight before I kissed them goodnight, I was lying next to them in bed.  Rabbit asked if I could sleep with them one night.  I said that The Greek would be lonely and sad.  Horse said that he should sleep with HIS sons (ages 23 and 28). 

How can you not love that?  

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