Leaving And Saying Goodbye

Saturday, July 23, 2011
This may be the last post for a few days.  The Greek, the boys and I are going to be on a plane in 5 hours to go house hunting.  We have to get up at 4 am, so I'm just not sleeping tonight.  I can sleep in any moving vehicle so I'll just nap on the plane.

I got some more bad news tonight though.  Another very close friend was a victim of this heat wave hitting the eastern part of North America.  You hear about such things and you feel bad but when it hits close to home it is a different story.

Jay was not only a close friend but one of my biggest fans.  I often did shows for his venue but had to cancel the last one when I had surgery.  We didn't get a chance to reschedule.

He was the kind of guy who took care of everyone else but not very good care of himself.  He has always watched out for me and steered me away from some bad people.  He pushed and encouraged me when I had just started singing.  He often Skyped me just to chat.

Goodbye my friend.  Thank you for having my back.  I love you.

Stop today and tell those you love that you love them.  Be Safe.  I'll post when I get back, if not before.

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