I Need Space!

Saturday, July 16, 2011
I moved in with The Greek almost 2 years ago.  I had never moved into anyone’s home before.  In all my relationships, we either moved in a new place together or he moved in with me.

The Greek and his sons have been living in this house for over 10 years.  They set it up and they are used to things being where they have always been.

It’s been hard to integrate my things into the household.  I have no closet space.  By that I don’t mean it’s so small, I mean none at all.  It took more than 6 months before I got a dresser and could stop living out of plastic bins. 

My necessary kitchen stuff are in a nightstand drawer in the dining area.  Can you believe these men didn’t even own a decent knife?  They chopped onions and garlic with a little steak knife.  My chopsticks have made it to the silverware drawer, thank heaven.  I have two coffee cups in the glass cabinet and four glasses.  They only use Tupperware cups.  The Greek even drinks his coffee out of a plaster commuter mug.  I CANNOT stand drinking out of plastic cups.  The disposable ones you get at picnics are ok but not the kind you reuse.  They pick up the smell and taste of everything.  If I wanted my water to taste like orange juice or Kool-aid, I wouldn’t be drinking water!  Not only that, water and ice look so much prettier in a glass than a plastic cup.

I have half of a 10 x 10 room for my 3 computers, files and musical instruments.  I spend 90% of my waking hours here at my desk.   The other half of this room is The Greek’s office.  Sometimes it’s nice being able to just talk to him while we’re sitting at our computers.  Most of the time, it’s just annoying.  When he’s around, I have to watch what I write on my blogs, or even when I’m talking to friends or my daughter.  If I’m on the phone, he is always listening and wants to join in the conversation too.  If I try and ignore him he gets more insistent.

His son likes to watch military programs and things like gang wars.  I don’t want my kids watching that stuff.  He cranks the volume way up.  I have sensitive ears and am constantly telling my kids to turn the TV down and they listen at only half the level he does.  Plus he doesn’t bathe often enough and the couch where he sits smells like him.  Ewww.

It’s tough to live like this.  Especially when predivorce, I was living in a 3000 sq ft house and I got to decide where everything would go.   So essentially it was all my space.

I wish!

So for our new home, I’ve made some stipulations.

1)      I need an office to myself.  Room to put up shelves and filing cabinets.  It has to be away from his son’s room so that I can do late night shows.  Where I can work in peace and not feel bad because I have to tell him to turn the volume down on his music.

2)      There has to be at least 3 full baths, 3.5 would be even better.  One for The Greek and I, one for his son and one for my kids.  I don’t want to have to be yelling at his son to keep the bathroom clean so my kids can use it and I shouldn’t have to clean up after him.  I’m not his mother.

3)      I have to have a dedicated chill out space.  A place the kids and I can watch TV or play video games or just sit and read that will always be available for our use (meaning it is off limits to his son)

4)      I get at least half of the master closet space

5)      It has to have ample storage space in the kitchen for BOTH our kitchen wares

6)      It has to be in a really good school district.  I don’t want my two geniuses boys to get bored and get into trouble.

7)      It absolutely has to have a good stable reliable internet connection.  It has to be able to hold my “radio” stream for my shows.  Cable is ok…DSL is ok… but not satellite internet.  Believe me, we’ve been having a hard time finding a house that meets our criteria and has a good ISP.

Then there are things I would like but aren’t a deal breaker.

1)      A swimming pool would be awesome.  It’s the only kind of exercise I really enjoy since I hate to sweat.  It would keep the kids busy too

2)      Enough bedrooms so the boys could each have their own room.  So it would have to be 5 bedrooms minimum.

3)      Less than 30 minutes to a good oriental grocery store, Whole Foods, Costco, and Trader Joes.  I can’t drive further than 30 min away.  I fall asleep at the wheel.  I’m talking absolutely cannot keep your eyes open kind of sleepy.  The Greek will drive me but then when we get there he says, “OK,  what do you need so we can get out of here?”  I’m more of a  “cruise up and down every aisle to see what is there” kind of shopper.  Then as Rabbit says…I would have to berate him.

He and our RE Agent have found a few interesting ones.  We will go down next week to take a look at them.  Keeping my fingers crossed. I’ll let you all know how it goes.

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