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Wednesday, July 6, 2011
I love music! Music is the language of the world.  Singing is good for the soul.  I tell my fans, even if you think you can't sing, do it anyway!

I listen to all different kinds of music and many different artists.  The CD's in my car include The Eagles, Celine Dion, John Denver, Faith Hill, and quite a few American Idols from the first couple of seasons.  I also have Disney, sound tracks and other compilations.  In my mp3 player you'll find Gary Moore, Clannad, Telling Stories Band, Kevin Navy Blues, Tony Spinner, Lonnie Mack, just to name a few.

While I am predominantly a blues and jazz singer, I have a varied song list.  I can do a show that's all rock, pop, disco, 60's, country or Hawaiian.  I also do a few Celtic songs. Jazz is what I started out doing and is the easiest for me to sing.  Right now, blues is my preferred genre.

I don't listen to the radio and don't watch much TV, beyond the Disney channel.

 *Cut to a rant*
 BTW, I HATE auto tuned stuff!  It's an insult to those with true talent.  I'm not talking about correcting a note here and there in a recording, but those who use it all the time!
 *Ok back to my regular blog.*

 I don't know who the current artists are and what they do.  My friends and fans suggest music to me from time to time and that's when I go to check them out on YouTube.

Youtube is a lifesaver!  I'm really really bad with song titles and the artists that do them.  People will ask me if I know "insert song title here" and I tell them no but I'll look it up after my show.  I pull it up on YouTube and I'm all like, "Oh!  I know that one!  Duh!"  

I am currently working on an all Etta James set.  The next song I want to learn is called "Sugar on the Floor".  I pulled it up on Youtube so I could learn it.  It's an amazing song.  Written by Kiki Dee and also done by Elton John.  I got curious to hear other versions and I found one by Adele.

Now, I'm signed up to be an Amazon Associate.  When I'm writing my blogs there is a little widget window to the right of my writing space to find stuff on Amazon.  If you're not actively looking for something then they list their best sellers there.  For a long time, there has been this

I really never paid much attention to it.  It's like tuning out the kids.  You hear something long enough and you just block that "frequency" out, until they start screaming.

So I see that Adele also has a version of this song.  I had never heard OF Adele or heard her sing.  Yeah shoot me.  So I go to listen.  Her voice isn't bad but it sounded flat a few times (a pet peeve of mine).  I didn't like it much and turned it off.

Now you Adele fans, just keep reading and don't go hating me yet.

A couple days later I was visiting online with a friend in Australia and he asked me if I had ever heard her.  I said, yeah one song but I wasn't impressed.  He laughed and sent me a link to her doing "Make You Feel My Love".  That was much better.  It was something that I would listen to at least and she was in key for all of it.

So yesterday, I'm looking for new songs to do and run across this...

OMG!  I LOVE it.  Love her voice in this!  It just has that "edge" it that causes goosebumps.  I'm a fan now.  *I also love that she's gorgeous but not a size 6, but that's another topic*

It just goes to show that every singer, no matter how good or versatile they are, has songs that they shouldn't do or at least don't do as well.  I knew this!  I'm very careful to try and pick songs that compliment my voice.  I also know that sometimes we just have to try them on until someone tells us,  "that song's not good for you"

Do you know any artists that do a song you love but also one you hate?  Not the song itself but the way they do it?  Let me know!

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