Back In Time for A Dragon Dinner

Sunday, July 3, 2011
If you've been reading my blog for awhile, I think I mentioned that The Ex had sent the boys 10 days early for summer vacation.  This was 9 days BEFORE school got out for the year.

In that last week before they were scheduled to come, they were supposed to go to Disneyland and Medieval Times with my sister.  Rabbit was also "graduating" from elementary school as he'll be a 6th grader next year.  He had to miss his graduation ceremony.

Disney I can't do anything about but I did promise him that we'd do something special for his graduation.  I found out last week that there is a Medieval Times about an hour from here in northern Chicago!  They were also having a special for this weekend.  Tickets for every one were $29.95 each.  For the four of us, this saved me $72!

In case you've never heard of Medieval Times, they hold dinner shows complete with knights and fighting and horses and jousting.  Everything that my kids love.  They are both fantasy buffs and fancy themselves great warriors.

I had an early show yesterday but as soon as it was done we ran for the car.  Google maps said it was an hour and 19 min drive.  We had an hour and 30 min before show time!  By pushing the speed limit just a bit, The Greek made it in just over an hour.  We arrived in time to use the bathroom and get in line to be seated.

This turned out to be a good thing.  When you arrive, you are given cards with your assigned color and table number.  The color tells you what knight you will be rooting for during the show.  They place paper crowns on your head that match your assigned color and set you loose in the lobby.  Doors to the castle open 90 min before show time and they encourage you to arrive at least an hour early.

The lobby is filled with shops.  You can purchase weapons, banners, glow in the dark wands, swords and flowers, costumes and various trinkets.  There is also a bar where you can start your partying.   As we paced I had a glance at the menu.  They wanted $14 each for a slushie and $11 for a soda!  This was for the kids, it didn't even contain any alcohol!  Granted, it came in a cool glass but not nearly worth all that.  If we had arrived earlier I would have felt bad and probably bought a couple of them to keep the kids busy.  Yay for being late!  Sometimes the early bird pays out the nose for that worm!

They tell you to arrive early to get the best seating but we got table one in the yellow section.  This was the first table next to the arena floor, but there are really no bad seats.  The seating is like old movie theater seats with counter like tables in front of them.  

When everyone is seated, they start serving dinner.  First course was Dragon Tail Soup (tomato bisque).  It was served in a handled bowl because guess what?  You get NO utensils!  No spoons, no forks, no knives! The kids loved that!

Rabbit's Flat Stanley checking out the Dragon Tail soup  and garlic bread

Horse's Flat Stanley with our crowns.  Yeah I know we're party poopers and took them off.

This was followed by garlic bread and a half a baked potato.  The main course was a rib and baby dragon (half a baked chicken).  The food was actually quite good and there was a lot of it.

Yeah pretty fuzzy picture.  There wasn't enough room for me to back far enough away to focus properly.
While we were eating, the show started.  The place is dark and every one is moving so most of my pictures are a little blurry.  Here are a couple of the best ones.

Getting ready for the jousting!  HUZZAH!

Our Yellow Knight!  He won!  Until the Evil  Green Night Cheated!  Booooo!!!!!

Near the end of the show, dessert was served.  For our visit, it was an apple turnover and coffee, for those that wanted it.  It was also very good.  Horse said that was the favorite part of his meal.

We all had a great time!  Even The Greek enjoyed himself and he loved the baby dragon!  We had to dash home after for me to make my second show.  Momma needed to make some money to cover that outing!  It was well worth it and Horse was happy.  In the end, that's what counts!

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