Phoenix Day 1

Friday, August 5, 2011
Time to hop back on the blog wagon!  Sorry to anyone out there reading along.  I got sidetracked by this trip to Arizona.  The next few posts will be mainly about our trip there.

We got off to a good start.  I stayed up all night and woke the kids up at 4 am.  I expected whining and crying but they both hopped right out of bed and got dressed to go!  Wow didn't expect that.

We checked in and grabbed a muffin and coffee and waited for our plane, which was right on time!  The boys got not one...not two...but THREE bags of snacks from the flight attendant.  They were very happy and we were well on our way to fulfilling the kid's meal plan of 8 meals a day. (Like Hobbits)

The boys and I were lucky enough to all find a seat in one row.  I had the mistaken notion that they would leave me alone to sleep on the flight.  You would think I'd know better.  

The Greek sat in the window seat across the aisle and managed to sleep the entire flight, a fact he made sure to rub in later.

We retrieved our bags. which were among the first 5 to come off the plane!  I know!  How awesome is that? Then we picked up the rental car.  A Chevy Impala.  It rode well and had a ton of trunk space but the cabin was cramped,  Barely any room for my purse and my feet on the passenger side and no cup holders in the back!

First order of business...LUNCH!  We all wanted Chinese so stopped in at Phoenix Palace for dim sum.  If there are semi empty dishes, it's because we all dug in before I thought to take pictures.

After lunch we met with our awesome RE Agent, Gina, to look at a few houses.  Some didn't fit our needs.  In one of them, the layout was awesome but it was trashed.  Furniture, clothes and trash left behind in every room.  Carpets were stained, walls marred.  There was even cat poo sitting in the middle of the hallway.  There was a pool in the backyard but it was drained and full of debris.  It was just too much to have to deal with, so we passed.

As we were in the car going to the last house, Horse says, "Mom, I think I might have accidently touched the poop with my hands."

"WHAT?  Did you or didn't you?"

" I don't know, I might have."

"It wasn't on the wall!  It was on the floor so you had to have bent over to touch it!  Even if you didn't know what it was and you picked it up, you KNOW that you touched it.  So did you touch it or not?"

"I don't know...maybe"

"Well don't touch anything!  Especially NOT your brother.  Or your face.  Or mouth, or......"


We didn't find anything we really liked so headed out to check in at the hotel.

The "hotel" was hidden away behind a tech park.  It wasn't really a hotel but a vacation time share or condo I guess.  We had a 2 bedroom, 2 bath. living room, dining room, full kitchen and even a laundry room and garage.  It was 1100 sq ft, almost as big as this house!  All for about $76 a night!  Only downside was no daily maid service and no internet.

Dining Room

Full Kitchen

Master Bedroom

2nd Bedroom

Entrance to Master Bath and WALK IN  closet!

Living room
We were very happy with it, except for the internet part.  Will continue next post!

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