Thursday, July 7, 2011
It's a relatively peaceful day but suddenly you hear something that lets you know that things aren't going to be peaceful much longer.  You'll probably have a child to soothe, a mess to clean up or it means having to spend more money.

We've had a few these last few days.

"Don't worry, I'm OK!" - My reply to this is usually, 'Why would you NOT be OK?"  I never learn, I know.  The answer is typically something like this..."I was just doing a triple spinning roundhouse kick in the living room and 'somehow' Horse's face hit my foot.  But I'M okay!"

"I didn't do ANYTHING!" - Which really says, "I did something stupid but I honestly didn't think it would...break... hurt...result in mass destruction."  Today's statement applied to Horse's glasses.  Which were on his face at the grocery store.  Darn, now I need to get him a new pair.  $$!

"It wasn't MY fault!" -  "How would I know that closing the drawer on my brother's finger because he wanted to use MY chapstick would make him scream like a banshee for an hour?"

"Uhhh, Momma?" - This one can catch you off guard.  Especially if you are busy actually doing some work.  The aftermath goes like this..."You know the thing you TOLD me to do, that I said I did, but I guess I didn't do?  Well now it....(take your pick)"  I have to stop working to take care of the mess and then I forget what I was doing and only figure it out hours later when I find it still undone.

*Crash, crunch!* - This one doesn't even require words.  It rarely means anything good like "That ugly vase that Auntie gave you finally died."  Nooooo, the latest incident resulted in  this...

That is the corner of Rabbit's laptop, where the power button is/was located. More $$!

It's not limited to the kids.  The Ex used to tell me "It's ok I jury-rigged it!"  Which translated to I couldn't fix it (or I messed it up), so I had to add extra parts and lots of duct tape and it will most likely fail us when we need it most, but I got it working...kinda.

What words or sounds make you want to hide under a pillow and not come out the rest of the day?

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