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Saturday, July 2, 2011
*This is the post I WAS going to post on Thursday before our power and internet outage*

My boys have thick black hair.  No matter how long it is it stands on end so we keep it really short. I love the comic strip, "A Rose is a Rose".  Pasquale's hair looks just like my kids.  He could be their baby brother.  Doesn't hurt that Jimbo likes his women on the fluffy side.  I'm just saying, you know.

Anyway, my kids have been looking like dandelions the last couple of days so I knew it was time to pull out the clippers.  I was surprised I only had half the complaining this time.  Rabbit was anxious for a haircut, go figure.

(As an aside, while I'm writing this, the boys are blogging about their haircuts too.  They keep interrupting me to ask questions.  I then forget what I was going to say and have to start all over again.  It has taken me 15 min to write what I have so far.)

First some "before" pictures.

Horse Before

Rabbit Before
The kids strip down to underwear and I put them in the tub.  It helps to keep all the hair in one place, making it easier to clean up.

When they were young they would ask me to give them Pokemon ears.  Sometimes I still do and threaten to leave them like that.  I don't know what I'd do if one of them said yes.  Rabbit never would, Horse just might take me up on my offer one day.

When I'm done, they look neater and their hair feels like velvet.  Everyone loves to rub their heads.  Friends, teachers, family, even complete strangers have asked if they can touch their hair.  I give them noogies all the time but really it's just an excuse to rub their heads myself.

Horse After

Rabbit After

They run into the shower and get all the loose hair off.  Meanwhile, I gather up the hair in the tub and dump it into the trash. A quick vacuuming finishes the cleaning.  This method works any time of the year and the kids don't track it all over the house.

I, on the other hand, have let my hair grow out the last 4 years.  It was shoulder length back in June 2007.  I trimmed off about 4 inches last summer and haven't touched it since then.  This is the longest it's been in about 25 years.

It touches the chair seat when I'm sitting

It is easier and cheaper to upkeep this way.  Now I can spend my money on a pedi instead.


Rachel said...

Having them in the tub while cutting their hair is an awesome idea! I'll do that with my son next time. I bet it makes the clean up easier!

Kar said...

Clean up is a breeze and as long as you dust them off before they get out, they don't track it all over the house either! Thanks for stopping by!

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