Winds of Change: A Future and A Good bye

Thursday, July 14, 2011
Thank you St. Joe!    Guess he liked the new spot The Greek planted him in.  We got an offer on the house, countered it and they signed the contract yesterday!  If all goes well, we will close just before school starts here!

No more snow for us!  Next week we’ll go house hunting in Arizona!  The Greek has been looking online for months.  I started out helping him but as time dragged by without even a nibble, I stopped.  It just got too depressing.  He’s going full force now and between him and our real estate agent down there, I’m sure we’ll have a ton of houses to look at.

Our list of needs and wants are very specific and will drive G (our agent) crazy.  I’ll talk about them in tomorrow’s post.

So we’ll hop on the plane and check ourselves into a nice hotel for a few days.  I LOVE traveling.  I love staying in hotels.  I mean, how can you not like leaving your room and coming back hours later and the beds are made and the bathroom is clean?  The best part?  I didn’t have to do it or yell at the kids to do it!

You want to know the thing that I’m most excited about?  Being able to eat some good Asian food!  I’ve been craving Chinese food, but here is not a single really good Oriental restaurant in this town.  Sadly, all our favorite places to eat any kind of cuisine here are national chains. All the mom and pop places are mediocre at best.  I cook all kinds of foods, especially Asian but I can’t find the ingredients for most of our favorite dishes.

We’ve already decided that we will hit the Chinese restaurant we found last trip.  We will hunt out a good Vietnamese place too and of course have to make a visit to the Hawaiian BBQ joint near the University.  The Greek has been craving the dark chocolate raspberry habanero ice cream we found at a local ice cream shop on our previous visit.

We’re off on a new adventure!  It seems like our lives have been put on hold until now.  Can’t wait to see where it leads.

Before I posted this, I found out that a dear friend had passed away in his sleep last night.  He had waited over a year to get a visa to go visit his fiance in Germany and finally got there last month.  He was a true bluesman...the real deal ... and a true gentleman and friend.  I'll miss you Kevin.

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